Some favs

Hi there!  To know me is to know my projects.  Here are some of my all-time favorite posts:

Skittle fish!Stop-motion videos
It’s been yeeeears, but a while back I dabbled in making stop-motion videos using candy.  It was so fun, and I often daydream about dabbling some more…
Amy's YardstickWho’s Yardstick?
One of the best questions I’ve ever heard is “Whose yardstick are you measuring yourself by?”  I decided to define exactly what MY yardstick looks like.

Coloring & Activity book
Ahhh, this one should be filed under “oldie but a goodie.”  Years ago I had the awesome opportunity of illustrating a coloring and activity book for a hospital waiting room.  It was an awesome experience.

wedding4_01Bridesmaid Mania!  (or….Bridesmaidia??)
If you’re in a bridal party & are looking for shower or bachelorette party ideas, you’ve come to the right place!
The perfect fruit saladHow to make the perfect Fruit Salad
Fun fact: I can’t cook. But, I do make a mean season-appropriate fruit salad [and I make pancakes too!]
40th Wedding Anniversary giftGraphic Design Love
Another fun fact: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. This blog tends to feature more of the crafty things I do – so I was excited when I actually got to utilize my design skills to make an Anniversary gift for my parents :)
Colorful paper garlandPaper Garland
Colorful + Upcycled + decorative = hands down favorite! Check out some pretty paper garland I made.

And Your Favs

There are a couple of posts that consistently bring a lot of visitors to this little ol’ Sandblog of mine. They might be how you ended up here!

heatingpads_final_01Tutorial: How to sew a Rice and Lavender Heating Pad
Back in 2011, I got a sewing machine! Since then I’ve tackled a variety of sewing projects (the majority as gifts for people). I also wrote a tutorial on how to make the kind of heating pad that you heat up in the microwave.
Colorful owl doodle2013’s Doodles
Man-oh-man “Ohana tattoo” is like a blog post magnet! Lots of people have made their way to my blog because of some sketches I did for my cousin. This post also features some other doodles I did as part of a lofty goal.

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