Hello and welcome to my Sandblog :)  My name is Amy, and I am a web designer/developer/native New Yorker/Pennsylvania transplant.

Amy's logoI started this blog back in 2009 as an effort to keep myself busy, relevant and optimistic while I was in between jobs. At the time, I tried to keep things professional, and design-focused. Nowadays I’m happily super happily employed, and no longer feel the need to peddle myself as the dream designer one has been looking for :P So, my Sandblog has morphed into a casual place for me to swing by and share creative things that make me smile.

I should point out – I’m not really a blogger. Well…I guess I am, ’cause I blog. Okay – I’m not really a writer. I misuse punctuation, start sentences with “but” and tend to be long-winded.

But (hehe), I love having this space.

I think that every designer should have a sandbox: a place to create, experiment & get a little messy. I play in my sandbox so I can keep the creative juices flowing and also share some of my design work. My Sandblog is where I share the creative things I’m working on, in hopes that I might inspire others to grab their own shovels and pails, hop in the sand and get creating!

Amy’s Sandblog evolved from Amy’s Sandbox – a section of my website where I play with design.

To learn my about myself and my design, please visit: My Creative Energy.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Amy! I came across your blog earlier this evening and have really enjoyed reading all your posts. I especially find your style of photography really eye catching and unique! For this, I would love to nominate you the Liebster Award! I just need to check with you and make sure you have 200 subscribers or less. I hope to post my nominations within the next couple days!

  2. Hi Amy!

    I’m a local graphic designer and I enjoy your photos on Instagram and took a peek at your blog here. So much fun stuff you have going on! Thank you for the entertaining break. Feel free to look through my design portfolio if you get the chance. I’m always up for a good collaboration effort. Have you ever done any screen printing?

    Thanks and take care!


    • Hi Jeremy :) Thanks for stopping by! I took a look at your website, and it is YOU who has a lot of fun [and awesome-looking] stuff going on! You have a distinct design style and your respect for typography did not go unnoticed ;)

      I had a brief encounter with screen printing in high school, but took a semester of printmaking in college and I loved it.

      I’m always here if you want to bounce an idea off of someone!

      Be well :)

    • Thanks so much for the kind words on my work! Very much appreciated! And yes, I do have a love of typography that somehow makes it way into just about everything I come up with.

      As for screen printing, I’m actually up late tonight printing a poster for show in Hoboken this Friday. A 2 color print. Should be fun and I hope it goes well without incident! :)

      Feel free to also bounce ideas off me as well. Use my email address if you wish. I check it more than anything else.

      Thanks again! I’ll keep checking in with your site!

  3. Amazing work Amy! Congrats. Glad to see you are doing well :) Keep up the great work. I’ll tell your mom Hi!

    • Hey Jennifer!! Thanks for stopping by! GWL rumor has it that my blog is making the rounds on Facebook – which is ironic considering I’m not even on FB :P LOL. Hope all is well with you and your family :)

  4. What a great creative nook/nitch you’ve got over here! Love the writing! It’s hysterical! And keep the pics coming!!! A+ job Amy! Ya know… Bec I feel the need to insert a grade wherever I go :)

    • Hehe, thank you! There are actually a million blogs about positivity and creativity…but I like having this little space :) And the fact that you’re following and commenting gives me a lot of motivation to keep it going! So thank you for the support…and the A+!! Maybe I’ll print your comment out and put it on the fridge! :P

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