Amy Creates in the AM: Wallflowers

Hello, hello!  I’m here to share the first project I made as part of my new go-getter initiative: #AmyCreatesintheAM.

Wall flowers in progress

A morning project + morning sunlight = happiness.

It’s a decorative wall hanging that was made with some random fabric flowers that I had made for last October’s Art Nite.  The flowers enjoyed an encore appearance at this past September’s Art Nite.

Fabric Wallflowers

If these flowers look familiar, it’s because I actually shared them in my Sandblog last January.  The best part? In that post from months ago, I said (and I quote…): “I plan on attaching them to some burlap and either putting it all in an embroidery hoop or a shadow box.  Not sure which yet, but whenever I get around to it, I’ll be sure to share it here.”

Wallflowers - close up

I’m proud to say: “mission accomplished” friends! :)  Thank you for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Amy Creates in the AM: Wallflowers

  1. Your piece is beautiful! So clever and unique. I would’ve never thought to make flowers out of fabric. You are so talented! I love the new initiative of creating in the AM👍🏻😊

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