I heart Art Camp

I don’t have much time to write, because our trip to California is rightaroundthecorner!  But, I HAD to drop by and tell you about Art Camp.

Art Camp flag

Art Camp is magical.  It’s an extension of Art Nite – except we get together for a WHOLE weekend of creative goodness & camping funzies.  Our friends Donna & Kyle host all of us on their very spacious & wooded property down in West Virginia.  This was only our second year, but we all agreed that this needs to become a tradition that will continue for many years.

Last year’s Art Camp included checking out downtown Berkeley Springs and visiting a couple of local art studios:

Art Camp 2014

To save on time, I’ll be sharing Instagram pics from here on out…

This year we helped Donna and Kyle debark lumber for their future strawbale house (this part was optional, but surprisingly rewarding).  And yes, Donna, Kyle & their plans for a handmade dwelling are awesome.  Afterwards we enjoyed some homemade pizzas from their outdoor earth oven.  Yum!

[Insert pizza picture here]  (sorry, it got devoured before any pictures could be taken)

Both years included a group project that we all worked on together.  Last year we tried our hand at wet felting wool.  This year, we all brought scrap fabric and craft supplies and made prayer/party flags:

Art Camp 2015

We each made about 6 squares, so that we could all have a set that included 1 flag by each person.  I haven’t assembled my collection of flags together yet, but as soon as I do, you know I’ll come back to share pictures :)

Other Art Camp highlights: a hike down to Donna & Kyle’s creek, a drum circle, a large campfire complete with musical accompaniment (guitar/drums/fiddle/finger cymbals) & s’mores, delicious potluck dishes, sleeping outdoors, and of course spending quality time with the most creative people I know.

Art Friends

One more phone pic: the inspiring Donna and I down by the creek :)


3 thoughts on “I heart Art Camp

  1. So cute! Love the idea of art camp. Looks so nice! So happy the weather was good this weekend. Cute scraps… I see an owl in the pic:) ummm earth oven? Sounds like everywhere I want to be. Yay fun art camp!

  2. Mischa must’ve known I was reading this because she just sniffed my hand and is looking at me :)

    Anyway, I love the group project this year! Art Camp sounds so fun. Thanks for sharing! (And I’m proud of you for getting this posted so quickly!)

    Have fun in California!!!

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