Taking the plunge…

I’m finally doing it.  I mentioned that I have a new obsession, and I’ve finally returned to disclose what it is.  Ladies and gentlemen (probably) more ladies, I am finally starting Project Life.  [Eeeeeeeee!!!]

I can no longer stand the thought of thousands of awesome family photos (and adorable Mischa pictures) being neglected deep inside our computer’s hard drive.

This isn’t new…I mentioned that I planned on doing this back in March of 2013.  As originally stated: I plan on doing a modified version. No need for weekly spreads… I just want to record memorable holidays & get togethers with family & friends…with a few pics of daily life peppered in.

And, of course, I’ll share my spreads on my Sandblog as I complete them.  Ta-daaaaa:

My 1st Project Life Spread

My 1st Project Life Spread

One of the biggest reasons it took me 2 years to finally get started is because I didn’t know where to start.  No exaggerating: I take 1000’s of pictures a year!  That was incredibly overwhelming.

Coincidentally, the Project Life bug re-bit me right after  Easter, which we had spent back home in NY, over a nice long weekend visiting my family.  So, I decided to start with the present and work both backward and forward.  There’s no race to catch up and no pressure to stay present.  I am determined to keep this as a fun and enjoyable hobby, NOT a second job.

My 1st Project Life Spread

Another hurdle that had existed in 2013 was album size.  Back then, pocket album inserts only came in 2 sizes: 6×8 [too small] & 12×12 [too ginormous!]  Finally 9×12 albums & pocket inserts exist – thank you Studio Calico!  9×12 is juuuuust right: small enough to fit on a shelf, but large enough to share more than 8 pictures per spread.

My 1st Project Life Spread

Unsurprisingly, my favorite part is adding embellishments to the photos.  It’s so fun!  I love enhancing the photos with stickers, cutouts, washi tape, enamel dots & fun paperclips:

My 1st Project Life Spread

My 1st Project Life Spread

I also like coming up with creative solutions for inconsequential “problems”.  For example: I ended up have 2 pictures that didn’t quite fit in the spreads, but I still wanted to include them. So, I added “Pull” tabs to them, and stuck them behind other pictures.  They’re not super noticeable, but it was a fun way to include them.

My 1st Project Life Spread

As expected…I love it.  I loved working on it, daydreaming about it when I couldn’t work on it, and now, flipping through these plastic pages of happy little moments.

This first spread took me maaaany nights.  I only did about an hour or so at a time, with my arch distraction the TV on and a million embellishment options fueling my indecisiveness.  I do think I’ll get quicker, but I also think I need to remember: Project Life isn’t meant to be a masterpiece.  No one will be examining to make sure everything is precisely parallel or perfectly color coordinated.  The purpose of this is to have an interesting way to share our memories as well as a good reason for me to keep in touch with my crafty side.

Thanks for stopping by :)


4 thoughts on “Taking the plunge…

  1. I’m obsessed! You’re amazing! (No shock there-) wow those really are the perfect size pocket folders. Keep up the funness! It looks fantastic!

    • Thank youuuuu! I can’t wait for you to see it in person…I don’t think these pictures do it justice! Does this inspire you to get back into scrapbooking at all?

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