Creative Obsessions

I need to get something off my chest.  I’ve noticed a personal …characteristic? …habit?? …flaw???

Hand carved stamp leaves

Just a little eye candy before some babbling…

As you might’ve noticed ’round these parts, I tend to fall head over heels in love with a project. I’ll swear it’s my new favorite thing and envision spending the rest of my life honing that craft. Then, as quickly as I fall in love with it, I abruptly drop it by the wayside so that I can dive into a new creative endeavor.

Seriously – let’s look at this year alone, shall we?  I present to you, 2015’s Creative Obsessions:

  • Weaving! I made a wall weaving and a coaster, and shared plans to make a large wall hanging for our downstairs bathroom. Paul even made a large loom for me!  It sits, nails ready, but empty, because my obsession soon moved on to …
  • Embroidering Owls! I’ve only embroidered 3 so far (I still need to share the 3rd).
  • Paper Garland! I loooooved making it & still love to stare at it.  Right after I finished my first one, I envisioned making 20 more strands, and worried over where I’d put them all!  I even contemplated joining a craft show so I’d have a reason to make a million.  Nope…I just made the one.
  • Art Journaling! Oh boy…I couldn’t get enough of it!  I would scroll through Instagram and Pinterest just oogling over other people’s pages.  I journaled 4 pages, but I haven’t done any since my last (most favorite) one.
  • Blogging! Ah, this one is a roller coaster obsession for me.  Sometimes I’m super into it & I take pictures of everything, just in case I want to blog about it.  True to form, I get obsessive.  Other times, I go MIA…
  • Stamp Carving! Ha, perhaps specifically – leaf stamp carving!  Check out the print I made with my 2 hand carved stamps. This obsession is currently fizzling, although I do still have a couple of ideas that I’d like to carve…
Hand carved leaf stamps

The leaf on the bottom right is new. I quickly carved it an hour before sharing it at April’s Art Nite.

Whew!  That seems like a lot of “OMG THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING TO DO EVER!” for just 4 months. And, I really can’t tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing….or maybe just a thing.  Maybe it’s no big deal?  Maybe it makes me well rounded.  Is this a “me” thing or a “creative individual” thing?  I can’t tell.  Can you?

Nevertheless, I always reassure myself with this: as long as I’m doing something creative, and I’m enjoying it, it doesn’t matter what it is or how long I’ve been/will keep doing it.  Can I get an Amen??

And guess what friends…this post is just a teaser to share yet another new obsession.  This one is big, and it’s been years in the making.  The only thing is, this one is a commitment, so I really can’t/don’t want to/hope I don’t let it fizzle out.

What is it??? You’ll have to come back next week to find out :)  But since you’ve made it this far, here’s another picture:

Hand carved stamp print

Also…I’d love to hear from you.  Do you obsess over projects and then drop them?  Or do you pick something, stay in your lane and never look back?  Let me know!  Have a great weekend & Happy Spring!


4 thoughts on “Creative Obsessions

  1. Youre beautiful hysterical! Have you thought about writing and art journaling as you go? Bec I’m loving the idea. Amy creative energy book. A look inside the beautiful mind of an artist! #NYTimesBestseller

    • Ha, I have a hard enough time committing to this blog….I don’t think a book is likely :P but thank you for your support and encouragement love!

  2. I’m an obsesser too so maybe this is me enabling you, but I totally support your obsessive nature! It’s not hurting anyone, you’re enjoying what you’re doing, and you have the space to do it.

    • Hahaha – I appreciate the support…even if it does enable me. I just can’t help but wonder that maybe if I stuck to 1 thing, I might become really skilled at that 1 thing. Hmmmm….

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