Slaying the SLUMP!

It’s here.  My totally unintentional, yet somehow unavoidable tradition of going MIA from my Sandblog has arrived.  It is…The SLUMP!

It’s a little early.  Last year it arrived in May and it quickly morphed into a SUPER-Slump, because I didn’t return until this past January!  Whoa.  But not this year!  I’m here to nip this Slump in the bud!  I’ve been doing a ton of creative things and I am eager to share it all.

I think the best way to keep the Slump at bay is to do my best to keep my posts short.  I’m not a writer…just a creator.  So, I’ll do my best to swing by, share some pics and some (hopefully) witty banter, and then be on my way.

Which brings me to today’s picture: I recently carved a stamp!

Carved leaf stamp

Left (black): my original drawing. Bottom (pink): my carved stamp. Right (green): the resulting stamp!

I was inspired after drawing a smooth-lined leaf that I was extra pleased with – so I decided to turn it into a stamp so I can easily reproduce my chunky little leaf wherever I want.

Stamp carving - process shot

A snapshot of my process: trace, transfer, carve, test stamp, carve some more.

I’ve actually been practicing drawing a lot recently.  I bought a book that is SO simplistic yet SO inspiring!  I’m looking forward to sharing more about the book, as well as my progress with it.  But that’ll be in an upcoming, Slump-slaughtering post.  Until then!


3 thoughts on “Slaying the SLUMP!

  1. The slump? Oh my god! I can’t even -hahaha you’re hysterical!!!!

    I just hope I don’t catch it.

    For someone whose in a “slump” you’re quite inspiring. Your stamp looks awesome! I wonder if it will pop up anywhere else in the future? Hope the books continue to inspire you.

    Thank you for your spectacular creativeness and for sharing!

    • Ha – you move too fast for the Slump to catch you! I hope to get to use the stamp elsewhere. A friend from Art Nite asked if I was going to stamp a pattern onto fabric with it…that hadn’t crossed my mind, but it’s something I’m considering. Thank YOU so much for stopping by and commenting – it means so much to me :)

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