Art Journal Mantras

I didn’t plan on it, but I couldn’t help myself – I took another swing at Art Journaling! (Click here to see my first swing :))

Art Journal

These pages were actually inspired by a seemingly endless search for inspiration. I noticed I was spending wasting too much time searching online for inspiration or art classes to take. But my searching wreaked of avoidance!  I realized I was just avoiding diving in and actually creating. And from that, 2 new mantras emerged to help fuel my creativity: “Just Draw, Create & Practice” and “Let your progress be your Inspiration”.

Art Journal: Just Draw, Create & Practice

Left side: “Spend less free time looking for inspiration and just DRAW CREATE & PRACTICE” Right side: “Let your PROGRESS be your Inspiration”

Unlike my first Art Journal entry, I actually started this entry with a plan. I sketched out the 3 large words on the left and the path on the right. The words quickly disappeared under the first couple of layers of acrylic paint laid down by the gelli plate. Hrmph. So, I re-drew them in black marker…and then proceeded to obscure them under more paint. Hrmph.

This process was pretty frustrating – but at least I learned something from it: I can have a plan, but leave it as a plan. Then, just let it happen. That way I can avoid frustration, which only gets in the way of all the free-flowing, art-journaling fun.

Art Journal "Inspiration"

I especially love how my cloudy “Inspiration” came out :)

I’d like to finish by saying: there’s certainly nothing wrong with looking online (or anywhere) for inspiration, or wanting to improve your craft. But eventually you need to get out your sketchbook/embroidery/art journal/weaving/painting/anything and start inspiring yourself with all of the amazing things that you’re capable of doing!

And on that note, I hope I’m leaving you feeling a little more inspired.  Now – go get creating!!


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