Embroidered Owl #1

I’m excited to share a new project that I spontaneously dove into.  I was sitting in my craft room (waiting for my paper garland circles to dry) when I spotted some cute tea towels that I had bought with the intention of turning into a throw pillow.

The tea towels are covered in one of my favorite animals: owls!  Editor’s note: I realize owls are kind of “in” right now – but I would like the record to show that I started to appreciate them a solid 8 years ago.  

Now then, I was planning to quickly knock this project out by simply sewing up 3 edges, stuffing it with some leftover batting and BOOM, throw pillow!  But, I started to feel like that would just be too easy.  I wondered what I could do to be proud to say “I made that pillow!”

While I was pondering, I noticed that the owls on these towels are pretty whimsical.  They’re fun colors and have organic shapes in their bellies and flowers in their eyes.  And that was exactly what inspired me to embellish these owls with some hand embroidery!

Colorful, embroidered owl

I actually only became interested in hand embroidery this past summer after I saw this pin.  I was smitten by the clean lines and bright colors.  I also appreciated how designs could range from simple & fun to complex & beautiful.  I quickly started pinning all types of fun designs, and then bought this book by artist & blogger Aimee Ray.  Since then, I’ve only embroidered a couple of [not even blog worthy] practice pieces, so I’m excited to finally spend some quality time exploring and enjoying this new-to-me craft.

Colorful, embroidered owl

I hope to give each owl their own personality by trying a variety of stitches.  As I complete the owls, I’ll be sure to share them here :)  And, of course – I’m really looking forward to sharing when these owl-towels finally get reincarnated into some throw pillows!  I hope you enjoy following along with this project!

Have a happy Friday and a good weekend!


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