Still obsessed…

I am still obsessing over weavings.  I made another much smaller, but also more complicated weaving: a coaster for my mug at work.

Woven coaster

It’s a little tough to see in this picture…it’s the small rug beneath my mug :)

For those who don’t know me, I am a tea lover.  I usually start my day with 2 cups of flavored black tea from one of my favorite local shops: Cherie Anne’s.  Then, throughout my work day, I drink mug after mug of hot herbal tea.  See the owl cookie jar in the picture above?  It’s filled with tea bags.   Since I don’t like water, this is the best way to make sure I drink enough each day.

I purposely made this coaster with darker colors so that drips of tea will be less noticeable.  At first I wished I had used black for my warp yarn (the white yarn that I weaved the other colors through), but I’m starting to dig the little splash of white as well as the unplanned white fringe.

Woven coaster

I stuck to the plan I mentioned in my last weaving post – I only used 2 colors, and I tried making a shape.  As it turns out, making a shape was difficult!  Although, I probably wouldn’t be making this claim if I had started with an actual plan.

True story: I dove into this with no plan other than “I want to make a shape!”  I figured I would just do a diamond, but shortly after starting I decided to do a diagonal stripe instead.  Once I got the hang of the stripe (after MANY un-weavings), I changed it to a zig-zag.  I also wasted a lot of time (and patience) convinced that I could weave an entire row of 2 colors at once.  Not true.  I now accept that you weave your shape and then you fill in the other areas.  That’s not the “easy” way (although it is easy), it’s the right way.

I’m very happy with my new coaster.  I’m also happy that I now know how to weave shapes.   I think I’m officially ready to tackle our powder room wall hanging!  Now I just need to find the time…


2 thoughts on “Still obsessed…

  1. Loved the owl! Have you ever had Teavana tea??? I never have drank coffee and always a tea bagger. Was turned onto Teavana in Florida and am hooked. Not cheap but well worth it. My favorites include white chocolate peppermint, pumpkin spiced brie, spiced apple, chocolate chai, orange youthberry. Check out the site. Xoxoxo hope all of you had a good weekend together

    • Hi Mary Ann :) I’ve had Teavana tea in the past – but it’s been a while. I’ll have to peruse their flavors. I’m spoiled to have a tea shop 2 blocks from where I work. I love going there. There are a TON of flavors, and the owner/employees are so friendly. Paul has gotten me Harney & Sons tea in the past – that’s a pricier (and quality) tea. Soho is our favorite flavor of theirs. But I also love Celestial Seasons & Bigelow herbal teas. Bigelow has a black French Vanilla that is delicious.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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