Homemade Gift: Disney/Simpsons Quilt

I have a friend named Matty that I know from college.  Matty is a HUGE Simpsons fan.  I’m talking: has a tattoo of Homer Simpson, owns every piece of Simpsons paraphernalia in existence & has a dog (a female, no less) named Homer.   Huge.

Matty married a sweet girl named Sabrina.  Sabrina is a Disney fanatic.  Fan. A. Tic.  Goes to Disney World at least once a year (if not more), owns every movie, and can name even the obscurist of Disney characters.  She even has a sunshine-y Disney disposition – it’s pretty cute.

Matty and Sabrina were recently expecting their first baby, so I promised that I would make him or her a quilt.  The baby’s room theme?  Simpsons and Disney, of course.  Challenge accepted!

I’ll be honest – I didn’t think I’d be able to pull this off – how on earth could I combine these two VERY different themes into a cohesive quilt?!?  I haven’t had a combo this unusual since I made a “pirate monkey” quilt for my college bff’s first son (seen at the bottom of this post).  Spoiler alert – I pulled it off:

Custom Simpson-Disney Quilt

Jo-Ann Fabrics came through for me with a good selection of both themes.  Yellow became my bff for this quilt (shhhh, don’t tell green).  Not only is it Homer & co’s skin color, it’s also the preferred shoe color of both Mickey and Minnie!  Then I found some “vintage Mickey” fabric that had a lot of blue – which is another common Simpsons color.  It’s hard to see in the picture, but the white squares actually have tiny blue and yellow dots. Lastly, some red Disney fabrics helped this become a very baby-friendly primary-colored quilt.

I have another spoiler alert – it’s a girl!  Yup, Matty and Sabrina’s [super-adorable] daughter, Lillie, was born back in August.  When I started making jokes that I would have the quilt done by the time she was ready for college, I decided that wasn’t funny and finally finished it. 6 month-old Lillie has finally received her quilt:

A happy baby with her custom quilt

Please ignore the mess – the quilt was presented to Lillie on Super Bowl (aka all-you-can-eat-and-drink) Sunday

As I’m sure you can imagine, the fleece all-Homer backing is Matty’s favorite part, but it looks like it might be Lillie’s favorite too!

I hope Lillie enjoys this quilt for years to come, and maybe even takes it with her when she does go off to college (many, many, many years from now!)


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