Homemade Gift: Monster Quilt

This past December my youngest nephew, Kyle, turned 1!  When his older brother, William, turned 1 I had made him a football quilt (you can see it here, just scroll to the bottom).  Even though Kyle’s birthday party was the weekend after Thanksgiving (aka the start of a short Christmas season) I wanted to make Kyle a special quilt too.

Monster Quilt

My sister-in-law uses the hashtag #minimonster whenever she posts pictures of my nephew, so I decided to make a monster-themed quilt.  Friendly monsters of course!


Fortunately, I was able to use a lot of leftover fabric from previous projects for this quilt.  I only had to purchase the monster fleece backing and the blue and green textured fabric.  That bumpy fabric turned out to be a little difficult to work with because it was very stretchy.  But, I think it was worth the challenge because I really love the personality it adds to the quilt!

Textured fabric for Monster Quilt

I am incredibly happy with how this quilt came out.  Firstly, its SUPER plush and cozy – its definitely the thickest quilt I’ve ever made.  Secondly, I cut & sewed the entire thing in just 4 evenings after work!  That’s a record time for me!

Here are a couple of process shots (all taken with my old cell phone, so please excuse the quality):


I did a couple a things that were real time savers. First, I made a quick sketch before I bought any fabric.  This helped me figure out how to utilize my scraps & determine how many new fabrics I needed.  Then, I used a cardboard template to cut all of the squares. HUGE time saver!  Lastly, rather than embroidering the facial features to the squares, I just used fabric glue.

Monster Quilt & my cute nephew

The quilt was a hit with my family members.  I hope that Kyle gets lots of quality snuggle time with it for many years to come.


4 thoughts on “Homemade Gift: Monster Quilt

  1. I can vouch for a few things….Kyle
    loves it and it’s warm and snuggley bc when he took a nap I curled up with it to which William said “that’s my brothers but you can use it but you can’t take it to your house bc aunt Amy made it for him”

    • Thanks Janelle! I’m partial to the bumpy green monster with uneven eyes :) And, I think I’m the lucky one to have 2 adorable and fun nephews!

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