Saturday Morning Doodle

Saturday Morning DoodleMy Saturday morning consisted of getting lost in a world of colorful, patterned mountains…or fish scales, depending on how you look at it.

It was incredibly relaxing to spend some time with a cup of tea, my little sketchbook, some markers, and absolutely no pressure to get it “right”, good, or finished.  It’s how every morning should be spent, really.

Saturday Morning Doodle

I’m hoping that this post is the first of many like it.

I want to come back to blogging – but in a very different way.  A way that’s similar to this doodle: simple, colorful, fulfilling, and most importantly – absolutely no pressure.  I am not a writer – I am just a designer that wants to share.

So, that is my newest commitment to this space.

Happy 2015 :)


4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Doodle

    • Thanks Janelle! Ha – I thought about mentioning what markers I used in the post – because, guess what, they’re nothing fancy – they’re just Crayola!

      I hope I come back to blogging too. I’ve got lots of things to share, and am armed with a plan to stay on top of it – so we’ll see….keep your fingers crossed! Thanks for reading & commenting :)

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