21,024,000 Minutes

Ya know what 21 million 24 thousand minutes amount to? 40 years!

Why do I know that fact?? Because my parents recently celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary (congrats Mom & Dad!) and I felt compelled to break down exactly how much time they’ve spent together in the gift I made for them:

40th Wedding Anniversary gift

40 years = 14,600 days | 350,400 hours | 21,024,000 minutes

This is the type of fun graphic design project I’ve been wanting to try for some time now (see: this pin). But, as usual – I tend to save my creativity for gift-giving.

Now, I can’t lie: I saw this heart-shaped anniversary idea on Etsy. But, true to form, I only started looking for gift ideas a week before their anniversary. Whaaatttttt?!? It’s not like I had plenty of notice or anything!! So, even though I’d love to support another designer out there – I didn’t have time for someone else to make a gift that: A. I could make and B. my parents would inevitably ask “Oooh, did you make this?”. So, I respectfully borrowed the idea & flexed my own Graphic Design muscle.

The benefit about making this gift was that it was super fun., in addition to the wedding/anniversary details and the obligatory love-y dove-y words, I got to fill it with a lot of personal details.

I arranged it so that the top half is everything up until and including their wedding day. Below their names is a snapshot of 40 years of special memories together including their honeymoon, previous homes, pets, and family trips. I got it printed at Staples on textured resumé paper which really gave it a much richer look:

Collage detail

Why do I insist on taking blog pics with my subpar cell phone camera?? #theworldmayneverknow

I’m happy to report that my parents loved it. They both got a little teary eyed on me too! But tears were not my intention! I just wanted to honor all of the time, effort and love that goes into 40 years of sharing your life with someone.

The happy couple

Congratulations once again Mom and Dad!  Here’s to 40 more :)


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