Wine-themed Gallery Wall

If you know me, or if you’ve read a post or two here, you would know that I looooove wine.  Love it!

Paul and I both enjoy wine. I like white & he prefers red, so we always have a good variety on hand.

We like it so much that we had a wine-themed kitchen in our old house.  The kitchen had a deep red accent wall featuring a framed print of a winery, and the soffits above our cabinets had a variety of wine decorations.  Keyword being variety!  In our new house, our wine decor now lives in the (still empty (and still white)) dining room….or as I like to call it – the “wine tasting room“.

At first, I was a little overwhelmed with trying to figure out how and where to hang all of the decorations.  I want to continue to add to our collection, but not have it look unfinished in the meantime.  The solution?  A gallery wall!!

Wine-themed gallery wall

Sidenote: my parents found that chandelier in their attic, and we added the round bulbs. Love it!

As indecisive as I am, it’s a mini-miracle that I pulled this off. So much variety…endless layout possibilities…ahh! So naturally I avoided tackling this project as long as possible. But, right before we were about to host our first Art Nite here, it was time to bite the bullet and dive in. Eek!

It turns out, it wasn’t all that overwhelming! That’s because I used a method that I’ve seen online to help me plan where each piece would go: I traced every item onto some old (recycled!) tissue paper & used the tracings as placeholders.

Gallery Wall process

Gallery Wall process

Ignore the yellow-y/wannabe sepia tone going on here. Poor nighttime lighting.

The tracings weren’t perfect – just the main shape of each piece. Using the same color paper for everything (even the large picture in the center) really helped me to just focus on the layout. After cutting each piece out, I arranged & rearranged them on the wall…one by one…roughly 4,000 times. Each time I made a change, I snapped a picture – that way I could go back to a previous layout if I didn’t like a change I made (I blame Photoshop’s layers for this obsessive compulsive process).

Wine-themed gallery wall - details

I’m happy to say that I love how it looks. And I’m confident that this is the most ideal layout for everything (because I exhausted every other possibility!)



6 thoughts on “Wine-themed Gallery Wall

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  2. This is why you need a Bluetooth…..I found out you did this amazing wall by reading your blog. That’s sad and hysterical all at once. No joke at first I opened the page and was like oh she pulled something off of Pinterest….then I read it…..Amy….it’s magnificent. I love it!!!!!!! Get a Bluetooth and we will plan a weekend for me to see the live show….yeah….I did that….I play dirty what can I tell you ;) seriously it looks so awesome!!!!!!!!

    • Ironically, we did this project back in February – wayyyy before the Great Bluetooth Disappearance of April 2014! Good news – I found it! It’s charging as I type. Anywho – we would LOVE for you to come out and see it in person!!!! ANYTIME!! Thanks for reading :)

    • Yes – I remember seeing that on your blog! In fact – your post was one of the one’s that came to mind when I recalled seeing this method “on the Internet”. Thanks for visiting! :)

  3. We better start cutting our kitchen backsplash templates now! One for each tile! :p

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