Simple Decor: Hang Old Crates as Shelves

Slowly but surely, Paul and I are turning our new house into our home. We’re fortunate that we don’t have any major renovations to do. Our house was built in 2003, which pretty much makes it a baby in house-years. But, as I’ve mentioned before (and as is to be expected with a new house) – it just doesn’t feel like ‘ours’ yet.

I’m most eager to get some colors on these booooring white walls (sidenote: what is the obsession with stark white walls?! It seems to be the preference of a lot of bloggers, and I just do. not. get. it. Eh, to each their own.) Anyway – I know I want COLOR on these walls, but I just don’t know which colors.

For those of you who haven’t met me: if I were a superhero, decision-making would be my Kryptonite. I am indecisive about ev-er-y-THING.

There are piles of paint chips everywhere – but now I need to narrow it down, only to buy 8 shades of the same color, throw them on every wall in the room to see them in every variation of light, THEN reluctantly pick a color and hope that I love it forever.

Nope, not ready to paint yet!

So, for now, we’re focusing on smaller yet noticeable things. First up: houseplants. I’ve developed a green thumb over the years, and I recently added to my collection of leaf-y green friends. What a great way to add life to a room (ha – no pun intended)!

We’ve also hung a lot of small shelves here, there and everywhere. They’re good ‘character’ displays. One of my favorite recent additions are the antique crates-turned-shelves in our bedroom:

Hang antique crates as shelves

I saw this idea on a blog, pinned it to my Housepiration board and could not stop thinking about it. Soon afterwards, we bought the crates all in one shot, adorned them with some of the new plants, and voila!

Hang antique crates as shelves

I love, love, love how these look! Take THAT you boring white walls!

Please excuse my grainy cell phone pictures. I played around with the new editing feature in Google+ to try and play up the vintage look that my phone was evidently going for.

Up next, I’ll be sharing the wine-themed gallery wall in our (very empty and very white) dining room.


5 thoughts on “Simple Decor: Hang Old Crates as Shelves

  1. Surprisingly, white can look great if you have tons of color in your accessories (curtains, rugs, lamps, etc). Although… I’m certainly no decorating expert. I’ve been in my house four years and there are still unpainted walls, exposed putty, and mismatched outlets even though I purchased all of the replacements. haha. It’s a sad state of affairs at my house. You’re doing a great job! Love those crates!

    • That’s true – I can definitely appreciate a white room with colorful accents. But on the blogs I’m referring to EVERY room is white. #Yawwwn. Now that we’ve got the boxes out of the main areas, unpacking has slowed to a halt at our house – out of sight, out of mind. I should try to do a box week so that we can just get it done and over with! Thanks for stopping by :)

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