A Creative February, Part 2: Completed Projects

Now then…where was I? Oh yes!

At last month’s [awesome, amazing, inspiring, super fun] Art Nite, I shared my pasta snowflakes as my project. I’m not sure what I’ll share at the next Art Nite, but I already have a handful of projects that I worked on in February, that I’d like to share with you!

First up, some India Ink swirls:
India Ink swirls

I had only used India Ink once before in college – but the assignment we used it for didn’t leave a lasting impression of how awesome it actually is. So, I decided to give it another shot and I LOVED it!

Fun with India Ink

I actually set time aside over a couple of nights to sit and paint – it was so(ooooo) relaxing. It also helped to both semi-satisfy/further ignite a hankering I’ve had to get back into watercolors.

But I’m not quite done playing with India Ink yet…

Fun with India Ink

…I’d like to take another crack at mountains and I was thinking that I could try painting some India Ink moths as well. That might sound strange – but I’ve always appreciated moths. I think they’re just as interesting & beautiful as butterflies, yet they don’t get the same admiration. Poor moths. I appreciate you and your grayscale color palette! :P

Next up: I combined inspiration from the flowing lines of my friend’s incredible Henna design and a pin from my 2014’s Muses board and drew this line-design feather:

Feather line design

Clean lines + doodles + feather = love!

Feather line design

While it’s not large, it took me a couple of nights to complete. My perfection obsession was annoying as usual – so I was very preoccupied with trying keep my lines smooth, steady and even. In hindsight, I don’t think the marker I used was the best choice – I’d like to try another feather with a nice ballpoint or maybe even a fountain pen.

For my final project, I actually spent an evening with an old friend: my sewing machine! We had a LOT of catching up to do – I haven’t really sewed since last Spring. Sigh. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for us to get back into a sewing groove, and in a couple of hours I sewed a reversible bandana for our dog, Misha! :)

A simple sewing projectDoggy Bandana

Ironically, sewing the bandana was WAY easier than trying to get a good picture of Misha wearing it. As I mentioned, it’s very difficult to get a picture of the curious + black + puppy combination. But, thanks to plenty of natural light and a mini-photoshoot – I was successful.

Doggy bandanaDoggy bandana

The one side looks like a batik print, and the other is purple polka-dots. I made it large enough to fit over her collar – ya know, so she can rock it around the neighborhood :) I will say, while it’s not easy to get pictures of a black dog – colors really contrast off of her fur beautifully!

Doggy bandana

I have some friends that like to joke about how serious Misha always looks in photos. And it’s true – she always manages to look wistful in pictures. She’s not much of a “smiler” – but I assure you, she is one happy pup (with one awesome bandana)!


6 thoughts on “A Creative February, Part 2: Completed Projects

  1. You already know I love the turtle but that feather is awesome too! Good job!!! Dang. You could sell these.

    I’m soooo interested in following your creative adventures. Keep it up and continue to post about them pleeeease! :)

    • The turtle is your’s to keep :) I’m glad you dig the feather too. The thing about selling stuff is, I stress enough to make these things “perfect” without dollar signs attached to them (and they still end up far from perfect). I want to wait til they’re better or come more naturally to me – then maybe I’d sell stuff (but only if you would talk money for me ;))

      Thank you for your encouragement – it means a lot to me! I sometimes question why I take the time to put pics up and say “Look what I can do!” [Stewart from MadTV…anyone?] So I’m really glad you find this interesting!! :)

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