A Creative February, Part 1: Art Nite!

What. A. Month. In my last post I mentioned that I was super busy at work – and I feel like “super busy” is an understatement!

Despite my intense workload – February was actually a very productive month! First of all – I’m happy to report that I achieved 4 of my 2014 goals AND worked toward 2 others. During my busiest month ever [#champion]. Even though February is over, I want to share February’s creative achievements.

The month started out with a BURST of creativity when Paul and I hosted the first Art Nite in over a year and a half! And let me tell you: It. Was. Amazing!

Art Nite - Feb 2014

We had 20 incredibly talented people here for a fun night full of food, drinks, laughs …and of course – projects! And the projects (as well as the conversations they inspired) were awesome. There was so much variety: crafts, mixed media, fine art, jewelry, woodwork, 2 musical performances, a friend doing Henna for people, and an interesting demonstration on perspective and our solar system.

Art Nite - Feb 2014

To have all of this talent in one spot at the same time was incredibly inspiring. I was buzzing with creative energy for days!

It was a truly rejuvenating experience, and I am excited & thankful that Art Nite is on it’s way to becoming a monthly thing again. In fact – Paul and I are hosting the next one again at the end of March! Yippie!

I had shared my pasta snowflakes as my project. I’m not sure what I’ll share at the next Art Nite, but I already have a handful of projects that I worked on in February…

…which I’ll post about in Part 2! (ooooh, cliffhanger!)

Stay tuned! :)


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