Easy Upcycling: Candle Jars

I  am constantly squirreling away empty glass, cardboard and tin containers in hopes of re-purposing them as unique storage or earth-friendly decorative items (or both)! As an admitted candle-feen, there is no shortage of old candle jars that are just waiting to be reincarnated into something new & useful.

I recently found some great uses for 2 old jars. I stuck Q-tips into a miniature Yankee Candle jar on my nightstand and used a medium Bath & Bodyworks candle jar to hold cotton balls in our bathroom.

While the mini candle jar is the perfect size for Q-tips, I especially loved how my new cotton ball holder looked: it was a simple & fresh-looking addition to our bathroom vanity. There was just one problem – I quickly discovered that the nice shiny lid was a fingerprint magnet, which in turn was amplified by the bright bathroom lights. This was decidedly working against the aesthetic of my nice clean jar filled with fluffy white cotton balls. Sigh.

Luckily, I had just bought some fun, green fern washi tape, which matches our nature-themed master bathroom. And just like that – my fingerprint problem was solved!

Washi tape: A simple update to your upcycled candle jars

Before: ahhh! After: ta-da!

This project was super simple. I carefully applied strips of washi tape back and forth across the lid. I used an X-acto knife to trim the pieces around the edge of the lid. Then, I used a single piece to wrap the side edge of the lid, and was able to fold the other half inside, without affecting how the lid fits the jar. Lastly, I coated it with a layer of Modge-Podge to help protect it from moisture and to make sure the edges won’t start to peel up.

Washi tape: A simple update to your upcycled candle jars

I re-purposed 2 other empty candle jars this past Fall. Ironically, one of them was re-purposed into another candle holder :P I filled both jars with popcorn kernels (an idea I had seen on Pinterest) and put a faux Fall bouquet in one and a pillar candle in the other. I liked the Fall motif on the labels, so I left them on both jars.

More easy to do upcycled candle jars!

These were all super simple ways to upcycle perfectly good jars while also adding a little decor around the house. If you want to see another easy upcycle – check out this ‘magical’ transformation!


4 thoughts on “Easy Upcycling: Candle Jars

  1. Oh the cleverness of you!
    Loving! Thank you for introducing me to washi tape! Never have I ever but I look forward to the day I use it.
    Love the idea of reusing candle jars!
    I like reusing mason jars that my salsa comes! Hello so convenient for holding my scrapbook loose things.
    Wish you a happy day!
    Your big time fan!

    • Hi Happybaker3 :) I can’t believe a scrapbooker like yourself hasn’t used washi tape yet!! You will LOVE it – it’s like decorative masking tape. Coincidentally, I keep my washi tape in an old glass peanut butter jar! Salsa jars ARE a good one! I have all of my buttons in an old jam jar – it looks so fun :)

      Thanks for stopping by!! You’re an awesome motivator!!

    • Thanks – I love it too! I’m glad I found a good use for it. Sometimes, if I really like something, I won’t use it for fear of “wasting” it – lol.

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