2014’s Muses

Hey, guess what?? I’ve already achieved some of my 2014 Goals! I’ve read a book, walked with Misha & Paul 4 times this month and completed a creative project! Check it out:

Merry Winemas! :P

Merry Winemas!

These wine cork Christmas trees were inspired by an abundance of wine corks (don’t judge) and Pinterest (of course).

As much as I don’t want to be, I’m a huge Pinterest fan/addict. What can I say, I’m a 31 y/o female with the attention span of a goldfish eyes – I can’t help it! As I’ve said [multiple times] in the past, I don’t like to pin project ideas just because. I pin them with the intent to execute! I figure if I end up with a tangible item, that will justify the countless hours I’ve spent staring at said tangible items (right??).

I recently decided to really put Pinterest to work for me. After writing my Doodle re-cap, I realized that one of this year’s goals was edging on #fail territory because it lacks specifics. And we all know that “too broad” was the Achilles’s heel of my Doodle a Day in 2013 Goal.

The goal in question? This one: “Get creative: Complete 1 art/craft/creative project a month….Just devote time to be creative for fun, NOT for a gift.”

The reason I set this goal is because I feel like I’m never creating just for fun. It’s always for someone, or something. In addition to that, I accomplish approximately 1 million projects a year at work. Ya know, because I have to. Welp – setting this goal means that now I have to accomplish creative personal projects too. For me. For funzies. Simple as that!

The best lesson I learned from my Doodle re-cap was that picking a muse really helped me get into a groove. So, this past weekend, I made a secret Pinterest board called “2014 Muses“! I decided that I had to pick up to 24 pins (I’m at 21 now), and then must complete at least 1/month to achieve my goal. The only reason it’s secret is because I’m repinning items from my other boards, and…well, this just satisfies both the slightly-OCD & super-indecisive sides of me.

Here's just a snapshot of my muses :)

Here’s just a snapshot of my muses :)

The board has a good variety of projects: artsy, design-y, a good amount of sewing, and (of course) a couple of craftsy. There’s also a range of complexity – some projects will be quick doodles, others will be month-long sewathons. The key is, they’re intended to be muses. Not just ‘follow this tutorial to make XYZ’ but “Gee, that’s a cool idea… I want to go play around & make my own XYZ.”

I’m way more excited about this goal now! I have a much clearer idea of what I want to will be achieving, and I look forward to keeping you updated along the way!


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