2013’s Doodles

Are you ready for some footballllllll doodllllessssssss????

Hope so! Because I’m going to share some of the doodles that I completed as part of last year’s goal: A Doodle a Day in 2013.

I’ve already admitted that my goal was a little too big and broad, so it ended up being less than successful. Oh well, goals are meant to be broken….right?? Oh wait, that’s rules. Eh – same difference.

Nevertheless – I still want to play show and tell! Let’s start with some of my favs: some simple trees and a cartoon giraffe :)

Doodles | mycreativenergy.wordpress.com

Here are some that you might’ve seen last January, when I was eager to share my awesome-goal-accomplishing-skills (ha!):

2013 Doodles | mycreativenergy.wordpress.com

It wasn’t long before the dreaded slump began…

I helped a friend make decorations for her daughter’s birthday party. While decoration-making was super fun, it took up a lot of my time. I stopped making having time for nightly doodles, but not without making these [super-fun] animals (& some other doodles) first:

Farm animal doodles | mycreativenergy.wordpress.com

The party & decorations were such a success, that I decided to forgive myself :P

Around the same time, I started reading became obsessed with the book “Gone Girl” (sidenote: LOVVVVED the beginning and middle…didn’t care for the ending) which made it hard to get back into dedicated-doodling-time. In an attempt to combine my brief obsession with my slowly-failing goal, I decided to sketch some book cover ideas. I also played with some other typography/logo ideas:

Typographic doodles | mycreativenergy.wordpress.com

But then – doodle-spike! My cousin Tina texted me asking for a tattoo design with the word “Ohana”. According to the movie Lilo and Stitch: “‘Ohana’ means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.” We love that quote :) Within an hour I had about 13 doodles done! That’s almost a half-a-month’s worth!

Ohana tattoo designs | mycreativenergy.wordpress.com

This was some of the funnest doodling ever :)

Ohana tattoo designs | mycreativenergy.wordpress.com

My cousin surprised us all at Thanksgiving with one of my designs on her foot! (The Ohana/infinity combo in the middle of the page). I’d like to get the same design too…possibly on my arm. We’ll see.

Ohana tattoo designs | mycreativenergy.wordpress.com

The “Ohana” doodles rejuvenated my desire to doodle more. I realized that nightly doodles would be easier if I focused on something. I needed a muse. So, I chose one of my favorite animals: owls! To make it even easier – I started each owl by tracing a coin. From there I just had to doodle up some personality!

Doodles - owls | mycreativenergy.wordpress.com

Ironically, these owl doodles led to my next “slump”. Well – it wasn’t really a slump – I was still doodling – but I was just hyper-focused on one masterpiece of a doodle. Circles + owls + COLOR!

Colorful owl doodle | mycreativenergy.wordpress.com

I used a circle template to make all different sized circles, and then colored specific cross sections to make my owl and the moon. I ended up working on this “glorified doodle” for weeks. But, I’m pretty happy with the end result :)

Colorful owl doodle | mycreativenergy.wordpress.com

Ironically, this piece truly was the beginning of the end. After working on this, I wanted to take a break…which turned into a 6 month break. Ha! I mean, sure – I still doodled in the margins of my notebooks, but I stopped devoting specific time to doodling.

Hey – at least I went out with a bang!

While I was looking through my sketchbooks for this post, I found 2 sketches that I did back in 2012. Obviously they’re not part of last year’s goal – but I want to share them here anyway:

Sketches from 2012 | mycreativenergy.wordpress.com

Rehashing the flaws of last year’s goal has given me some ideas on improvements for this year’s goals, so I’ll be tweaking that list a bit over the next couple of days.

Thanks for stopping by :)


8 thoughts on “2013’s Doodles

  1. I want to thank you…I have been trying to find the perfect font for my “Ohana” tattoo, and came across your page and found your doodles. In the end, I chose your Ohana doodle with the flower coming from the second a (the left most one on the second picture). I wanted to tell you that somewhere, out there, there is someone with your artwork on them… :-)

  2. Hi =) I just wanted to ask you if you would mind if I took one of your Ohana doodles to maybe get as a tattoo? I love them a lot, they are amazing. I was looking for models of Ohana tattoos on google and when I saw yours I was blown away. =)

  3. Hey, I love your doodles and I’ve been looking for an “Ohana” tattoo and I found your doodles on Pinterest. They were exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! I was wondering if you would mind me using one of your designs?

    • Hi Hannah :) Thank you! I’m glad you found what you’re looking for – that’s awesome. Feel free to use whichever design. Thanks for stopping by!

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