2014 Goals in 2014

Just kidding – it’s not quite 2014 goals, but it’s close! Last year I set 1 [ginormous] goal for the year: to complete 1 doodle everyday. The concept was simple: I’d have 365 doodles to share at the end of the year, AND I’d be a better illustrator – win/win.

The pro of the goal was that it was measurable. The [HUGE] con is that it was a little too broad, and proved to be too ambitious. Like most goals go, I started out on fire, but then quickly fizzled. To attempt to go from only doodling when daydreaming at work, to setting aside “official” doodle time every single night – yeah, no…I set myself up to fail.

Discouragement aside – I still love the fresh feeling of a new year, and embrace the opportunity to think about self-improvement. So new year, new plan!

Last year my co-worker/fellow blogger Janelle set 13 goals to complete in 2013, and then every month she would post a checkup to share what was accomplished and what was on deck. I loved it! Not only is it measurable, but I also think the specificity made the goals achievable. I’ve come across some other goal-setting techniques that intrigue me (A Beautiful Mess’s “4 Simple Goals” and Scarlet Words’101 in 1,001 Days“) – but Janelle’s is a good happy medium for me.

I’ve spent a couple of weeks mentally prepping my list which ranges from super simple to semi-ambitious. I’ll try to post my progress monthly and that way, at the very least, it’ll guarantee a post from me every month :P

Let’s take a look!

  • Sew more: Complete at least 1 wall hanging. I bought an instruction book of 6 holiday wall hangings about 3 years ago and have made ZERO wall hangings. This goal will finally put the book on my radar. Image from Amazon.com
  • Reach out: Write at least 5 letters (with Paul) to Paul’s Grandma. One of Paul’s Grandmother’s is an avid longhand letter writer and it’s time we return the courtesy.
  • Learn stuff: Read Wikipedia more. This might sound like a gimmie – but when I want to kill time on the Internet I always go to Pinterest, or peruse blogs. The reality is, there are topics that I’d actually like to learn more about – and the information exists at my fingertips 24/7!
  • Relax: Read my funnies. THIS is my gimmie :) My parents always stockpile the Sunday funnies for me, so I always have about a month’s worth waiting for me when I visit them. Throughout 2013 I would pack them up and bring them back to PA, but never actually read them – so now I have about 9 months worth to read. Easy & fun goal.
  • And relax some more: Read 3-5 books. I hate to admit this, but I only read 1 book last year. Obviously, I need to make a conscious effort to dedicate more time to reading actual books (not blog posts!)
  • Picture purge: Start Project Life or make more photobooks. Definitely need to do 1 or both. I have  t h o u s a n d s  of pictures that need to be put to use! I know I already committed to doing a modified version of Project Life – so 2014 is the year! I’d say this goal is the most intimidating.
  • Get creative: Complete 1 art/craft/creative project a month. And this doesn’t include my wall hanging or Project Life. This one is a little ambitious – but I came up with some ideas to help make it attainable: a paint by number (wouldn’t that be fun?? And easy!), a cross stitch, a funzy-photoshop-something-or-other, some sort of word art, wine-cork coasters, pasta snowflakes, quilling, a watercolor, a doodle… Anything! Just devote time to be creative for fun, NOT for a gift.
  • Grown-up stuff: Unpack boxes. While I failed at a doodle-a-day in 2013, I did accomplish two HUGE life goals: I bought a house AND adopted a dog :) Those were 2 achievements that should not be overlooked. That being said – we still have unpacking to do…
  • More grown-up stuff: Kitchen makeover. Fortunately the kitchen here is up to date and beautiful – but it certainly isn’t my style, and it’s the #1 thing I want to change in this house. All we want to do is paint and add a backsplash, so this should be easy to knock off the list this year.
  • MORE grown-up stuff: Buy good shoes. Now that I’m in my 30’s, Payless shoes just aren’t cutting it. It’s time to act like an adult and buy shoes with good support. Sigh.
  • FINAL grown-up stuff: Stop hitting the snooze button. Just stop. Cold turkey.
  • Get active: Walk Misha 4x a month. Don’t panic – Paul walks Misha at least once (usually twice) everyday. I’d like to accompany them more often. I realize once a week sounds like nothing – and in the summer, it will be – but in the winter months, this is definitely a goal. Good news – we all went for a nice long walk today! Check!
  • Get more active: Bike 100 miles. Paul and I have been biking together since 2010 – but biking took a hit in 2013 with the move. I’m hoping we can get back into this year and am setting a goal to help us out. No clue if this goal is reasonable or not (especially since biking will likely take away from Misha-walking time) – but you have to start somewhere.
  • Maintain good habits: Continue with my “head goop” book/restart the 5-minute Journal. More on this in another post

There you have it folks! It’s out there on the Internet/in the Universe now, so I HAVE to make these goals happen.

Real quick, while I didn’t quite hit 365 doodles in 2013, I did get some solid doodling in. I’m going to do a separate post sharing said doodles. Stay tuned! Here it is! :)


3 thoughts on “2014 Goals in 2014

  1. YESSS Project Life! Do it! I still have kit pieces to share with you if you don’t want to buy one. And you’re always welcome to join my book club which will force you to read a few books! (And socialize and eat!)

    If you figure out how to stop hitting snooze, pleeeease let me know. That thing mocks me all. the. time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to quit hitting snooze!

    • Hahaha – I am SUPER pumped to do it anytime I see your spreads – so hurry up with your updates!! Haha, jk.

      As for the snooze button – months ago I had downloaded an alarm clock app that gives me small tasks to do (all customizable) before I can even hit snooze. The app is good, but I was eventually back to hitting snooze anyway. BUT – the app will also automatically start a different app once you click “I’m awake” – so now we have Pandora come on in hopes that music will get us moving and grooving. Eh…it’s moderately helpful…except when something mellow like “Hey Jude” is the first song :P

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