Admiring Asheville

Hi friends :) As promised, I’m fulfilling my Weekly Wish and sharing some of my favorite photos of our recent trip to Asheville, North Carolina!

Like I had mentioned, there was no shortage of activities while visiting Paul’s parents – they made sure we got the most out of our trip with something fun to do each day :) Here’s just a sampling of some of what we did:

We went to Grovewood Gallery which included an antique car museum, & a sculpture garden.

We also went on a hike in Dupont Forest to see some waterfalls. The neat thing about this hike was that it included a “wet creek crossing”, which I assumed was really just a crossing with some rocks to step on – but the water was actually knee deep, with a strong current!


There were a lot of opportunities to practice using the manual focus on my DSLR. Ever since I got those awesome woodpecker shots, I try to use manual focus whenever I can. It really guarantees depth in my pictures:nc-4

I also got what might be my most favorite shot ever:nc-mushroomsI used this image as the header graphic for my Weekly Wishes post, and I was thrilled to see that Melyssa (from The Nectar Collective) picked it as one of her featured participant art!! Wahoo!

The hike included an overlook of those sweet Blue Ridge Mountains!

Soon enough we made it to the Bridal Veil Falls. (Hmmmm – was this hike a subliminal hint from Paul’s parents to hurry up with this engagement already?? Nahhh…)

The four of us also went to The Biltmore House. The Biltmore is listed in the book “1,000 Places to see Before You Die” – and once I went there I understood why! This astonishing 250 room house mansion was built for George Vanderbilt between 1889-1985. The Biltmore House

This was my second visit (lucky-duck!) and this time we took the Architect’s Tour which gave us access to the rooftop! I’m hoping that next time we can take the Butler’s Tour.

On our final full day, Paul, his father Larry, and I hiked to the top of Looking Glass Rock:

This was Paul’s second time hiking it, but my first. What a great hike! It’s only about 6 miles (total), and it’s a relatively easy hike…

…with extremely rewarding views of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the top:

Check out these sticks that were lying in a perfect “A” shape! I had to snap a pic!

These were just a few of my favorite shots. I’m happy to report that I also achieved the other half of my Weekly Wish by reducing my 522 pics down to 267! That’s still a lot of pictures – but it’s an achievement nevertheless! Now it’s time to start deleting some excessive puppy pictures…


2 thoughts on “Admiring Asheville

  1. Loving those red mushrooms! I’ve never gotten into hiking (I get all itchy in the woods) but I could see myself enjoying the falls and the rewarding view after the hike up. What’s your favorite type of hike?

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