That new blog smell!

Mmmm – can you smell it?? No? Well at the very least, I hope you can see it! My Sandblog recently underwent a small renovation! Ta-da:


I was starting to feel cramped with (and tired of!) my old theme. I needed a fresher look, more whitespace, and a wider area for larger pictures. So – behold WordPress’s Book Lite theme with a few Sandblogifications :P

But Amy, aren’t you a web designer? Why didn’t you design your own layout? Good questions [imaginary reader in my head]. The answers: Yes, yes I am a designer. But I really want to get back to blogging, and I didn’t want to blog until I had my new look and feel. So I chose to find a good theme that basically had what I needed, and then just tweak the CSS to make it more “me”. And voila – here we are! Maybe one day, in my spare time (hahahahahaa – does such a thing really exist?) I’ll completely customize my blog…but for now, I’m happy with this. :)

New look, new direction!

The plan: blog more, write less. Huh? I know that sounds contradicting – but I REALLY want to get away from writing epicallylongposts, that take me nights to write. Spending all that time writing keeps me from actually playing and creating in my Sandbox – which completely defeats the purpose of my Sandblog (create then share!). So, I’m hoping I can create more, write less and just let my pictures do the majority of the talking.

The best way to achieve this? Let’s set a goal!

On average, my posts contain about 710 words. Yikes! I’m willing to bet that you, my dear reader, are busy! I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts – but you certainly don’t need to spend THAT much time here! So, I’m going to shoot for about 400 words/post. Just a nice brain break, some positive vibes, some nice big pictures and then you can get on with your day (but feel free to leave a comment before heading out ;) ).

And so, as I’m hovering dangerously close to my new self-imposed word-limit, it’s time for me to say toodle-loo! I’ll be back in next week to share some magic!! Oooh!

Final word count: 372


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