The Battle of the Lists

So, now that we moved – – haha, oh yeah…by the way, I narrowly survived the 2 most stressful months of my life, and am now officially a homeowner! Little bit Yikes! Lotta bit Hooray! Paul and I are now living in a house that we own together! :)

Anyway, as I was saying before I interrupted myself, now that we moved, I have a conundrum: I have a to-do list and a want-to-do list.

My to-do list isn’t long, but its a biggie: unpack, organize and find logical places for everything I own. Gah! Truthfully, there’s a part of me that’s thrilled to do this. A brand-y new, fresh start to come up with efficient ideas of where to store stuff in our new house, that has more than enough space … funzies!

It’s just getting started that’s the problem! It’s a pretty overwhelming task. Plus, I’m Swamped (<– with a capital 'S') at work right now, so by the time I get home (which has been later than usual), it's much easier to sit outside on our covered porch where I can't see the boxes!

Don't get me wrong, we've made some progress – but there is still sooooo much to do!

Then there’s the fact that unpacking is not what I want to do….what I want to do is work on creative projects that I can sprinkle all over our new house, to help make it feel more like our home. I want to peruse through my “Inspiration for Projects” Pinterest board and mimic/re-create/re-invent all of the neat things I’ve pinned. I then want to share these projects here!

My "Inspiration for Projects" Pin BoardA sampling of my “Inspiration for Projects” board. I’ve tackled about 10% of it – but there’s so much more to play with!

I want to write a post on my amazing job….share about how I’m actually happy working a 9-5, even though I never thought I’d find a company where I fit in. I’m loving it because it’s challenging, and that makes it rewarding. Everyday I’m learning and understanding more and more – and that is awesome. I also want to share pics of a full page print ad I designed for work back in the Spring.

Lastly, I want to share plans, ideas and pictures of what will be one of the biggest creative challenges I’ll have taken on to date: turning a beautiful but too-proper-and-bland-for-my-taste house into our awesome, funzies, eclectic-but-it-works, comfortable, and welcoming home!

There’s a lot of work to be done here…thankfully, nothing major like tearing down walls or anything…but at the very least, we have some serious painting to do. All but 2 rooms are white. White! Boooooring! This place needs some color, and it needs it stat!

Then there’s lots of gardening and general decorating to be done. I keep having to remind myself that this needs to be a process, not a race. I don’t want to just run out and buy a ton of things to make it looked lived in (although that would be fun…if I didn’t have this silly mortgage to pay now :P ). I want to wait and come across the perfect item. I want to search in thrift stores and antique shops to discover unique items, maybe even some that need a little work or TLC. Paul and I not only want to make things and but we also want to make things our own. I’m fortunate because we both enjoy working on and accomplishing projects together.

But before we can dive into any big and exciting projects, we first have to tackle the definitively-not-fun but oh-so-necessary to-do list. Sigh. And with that – it’s time to tackle some boxes! Have a good Sunday! :)


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