Antiquita Glassworks

The post you are about to read was actually drafted over a month ago – but #aHUGElifeevent (purchasing my first home) has kept me out of my Sandblog… sigh.

Fortunately, last week’s hometown pride post became the perfect prequel to what I’m about to share: my glassware collection that contains a lot of pieces from one of my favorite local vendors. And to finish some thoughts left over from last week’s post, I’ll also be sharing a list of some of my other local favs down below.

About a year ago, I decided that I wanted a more eclectic collection of drinkware. Aside from a pair of large handblown glasses that I had grabbed at a thrift shop, as well as 2 mismatched glasses that Paul acquired in college, our glasses were a standard set of tall and short clear tumblers. Booooooring.

So, one by one, I started picking up different glasses from all different places: local shops, art shows, a couple of handmade pieces from artsy Asheville, NC. It didn’t take long to acquire quite a diverse collection:

glass1aMission accomplished!

Four of the pieces in my collection were purchased from one of my favorite local vendors: Antiquita Glassworks, located at the Central Market in downtown York. I love this stand. The super-friendly owner, Harry, collects vintage bottles as well as used liquor, beer and wine bottles from local bars and restaurants. He then re-purposes them into useful things like glasses, candle holders, light fixtures, ashtrays, jewelry and spoon rests.

Not only have I picked up 4 pieces for our drinkware collection, but this is also one of my go-to spots anytime I need a unique & useful gift for someone.

glass2_01glass2_02A shot of Anitquita Glasswork’s stand & my collection: a vodka bottle and 3 soda bottles all reincarnated for reusability :)

Even though I’m pretty much out of cabinet space, I still like to stop by Harry’s stand to say “hello” and see what’s new. I recently discovered that Harry has a box FULL of antique glass bottles – all different ages, shapes and sizes. Basically, you can pick any glass and he’ll modify it however you want (cut the top off, squish it into a spoon rest). Personally, I like each of the bottles ‘as is’.

I might’ve unintentionally started a new collection… because I ended up buying 2 antique bottles :P

The first one I bought is an old oven-cleaner bottle, circa 1960s. A week later I went back and bought a small milk bottle – with plans to paint the inside so it would look like it’s filled with milk. I had told Harry I planned on painting one of the bottles, and asked if it was sacrilege to modify an antique. He cringed a little, but then explained that he respects however someone wants to be creative :) Amen!


Antiquita Glassworks is just one of the many unique vendors downtown. Like I said in last week’s post, shopping local is special because it’s personal. You get to know the vendors, and they get to know you. If you ask a question, you can expect an honest and knowledgeable answer.

Some of my other favorite spots downtown are:

  • The Central Market – hands down, my favorite! A large indoor market of local farmers and food vendors, all in an AMAZING old building that was built in 1888! You can make a purchase from any vendor in here and feel good knowing that you’re supporting a hardworking person in your community. I would literally have to do a separate post to list my favs – so you’ll just have to take my word and check them all out!
  • Holy Hound Taproom – a HUGE selection of beers on tap, a knowledgeable staff that really knows their brews and great live music on the weekends. This is also where my new favorite club meets: The York Beard and Mustache Club (YBMC! YBMC!)
  • White Rose Bar & Grill – a completely re-done interior + really yummy food: a great place to take visitors.
  • Sunrise Soap Company – more than just hand-crafted, great-smelling, quality soaps! There’s also locally made jewelry and other home goods, perfect for gifts!
  • Cherie Anne – a tea lover’s haven! There are so many varieties of loose tea, plus a tea bar, knitwear and more handmade jewelry. I am like a kid in a candy store (or I guess a 31-year old in a tea store :P) when I’m there! Plus, Cherie has a private courtyard, perfect for breakfast from the Market and a cup of perfectly brewed tea, on a Saturday morning.
  • Esaan Thai Restaurant – delicious Thai cuisine, super yummy Thai iced tea and random-but-delicious-so-I-don’t-question-it: Gelatos!

Other places you can find me: New Grounds Roasting Co, Park Street Pantry, My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe, and Bistro 19.

That about sums it up. I hope this post inspires you to either start an eclectic collection of your own, or check out and support your local businesses…or, better yet – both!


5 thoughts on “Antiquita Glassworks

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  2. I love your glasses collection!! I collect pub glasses from places I visit so none of our glasses are the same either. Colleges, ski resorts, I Love York City, etc. We fight over who gets which glass at dinner ;) But it’s awesome for parties because you always know which glass is yours!

    • Good call on the benefit of mixed glassware at parties! I need to get my hands on an I Love York City one (I have been ODing on York City love recently :P)

      I forgot to mention this in the post, but now I plan on starting an eclectic dinner plate collection!

  3. I love the eclectic mix! It is so fun and lively.

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I’m glad you can relate and agree that it’s bittersweet – I was starting to think I’m being melodramatic. Congratulations on your new house!

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