We’re sorry, Amy can’t play in her Sandblog right now because she is busy buying a house. This is by far the biggest, (and therefore most stressful) decision she’s ever had to make – so she is a little WAYYYY too distracted to write about all of the nifty things she had planned on sharing.

“Nifty things” include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Design projects and/or inspiration for said new house
– Her super-furry, ultra-bouncy pet chinchilla: Buster
– The very overdue Part 2 to “Logo Love
– Some neat doodles and an update on my doodle resolution
– Why sketched mock-ups are a MUST at the beginning of the design process
– Her admitted and embraced obsession with the color green
– A Throwback Thursday or two
– A sneak peek of the Maine photobook (which is being neglected just as much as the Sandblog!)

Goodbye house….Hello biggest decision ever! Yikes!

Amy hopes that creativity can prevail over this self-inflicted (and semi-fabricated) stress, so that she can hop back in the sand, and get back to exploring and sharing new projects.

In the meantime, please leave a message [preferably of encouragement ] after the beep.



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