Some ‘tweet’ pictures

Yesterday was an amazing Saturday! The weather was gorgeous, so Paul and I spent the day outside: potting plants, watching the wildlife, drinking summer beers, playing some ladder toss and tossing the frisbee! I was taking lots of pics with my phone because I felt like the day would make a good Project Life page (ya know…once I actually start Project Life). While I’m not going to do weekly spreads, I like the idea of peppering in some shots of daily life, and yesterday was definitely a Saturday worth documenting:

I potted some plants (the larger one is a mix of herbs and flowers).

A close-up of my new potted fairy garden!
A risky frisbee pic of Paul :)

The picture taking actually began while I was admiring the woods behind our house, and something high up in the trees caught my attention.

There were 2 red-headed woodpeckers, 1 sticking his head out of a hole in the tree, the other perched on the bark just outside the hole. Thinking that this would be a good opportunity to practice using my zoom lens, I grabbed my DSLR.

Irony Alert: To be honest, I’m not really a fan of/comfortable around birds. I attribute this quasi-fear to being the target of some territorial barn swallows back at my parents’ house. Fortunately, my photoholism trumped my (admittedly) weird bird aversion, because I was able to get some tweet pictures (and use a lame pun :P)!

The 2 woodpeckers seemed to be taking turns working on the inside of the tree: one would be inside, pecking away – while the other was away somewhere (I think he was in another tree being the lookout). Then the bird that was in the tree would pop his head out of the hole and toss beak-fulls of wood shavings out of the tree.


Eventually the other bird would come back, they’d “chat” about the progress and then the bird inside would fly out, and the lookout bird headed inside to take over the home renovations. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any clear shots of the 2 birds “chatting” (as those were spontaneous and quick exchanges), but I did get these 2 incredible shots:


This cycle lasted about 10-20 minutes. While waiting for the woodpeckers to reappear, I got to snap some shots of other birds going about their day.


I’m really pleased with these pictures – especially considering that the woodpeckers were pretty high up in a tree about 30 feet away – but I give all of the credit to my camera and the amazing zoom lens!

Thanks for stopping by :) I hope you all had an equally amazing Saturday!


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