Just a little somethin’

I wanted to share a little somethin’ that I made the other day. It’s nothing special – just a quick little sewing project that I like to call: my Ipanema sunglass pouch 8)


Last week I bought a new pair of snazzy sunglasses. Since it took me over a year to find this pair, I decided I needed a case so that they wouldn’t get scratched up like my old ones. Rather than buy a case, I figured this would be a good opportunity to challenge 2 of my creative dispositions: my hoarding habit and my tendency to obsess over projects.

After hearing the song “The Girl from Ipanema” I was feeling a little tropical which inspired me to use some colorful fabric that I’ve been holding onto since I was 9. Literally. That’s 21 years. Hoarder.

So, I had the sunglasses, and I had the fabric – I just needed the case, and I needed it fast! No time for planning, fretting or avoiding – it was time to just dive right in (but not TOO deep) and just do it!

And, just like that, in under 2 hours – I made a totally functional, super colorful, Ipanema sunglass pouch!


Complete with a little accent embroidery!


I considered adding a snap to keep it closed…and my inner critic wished I had added more accent embroidery – but for a quick and easy project – it’s just right. Besides, it’s just a little somethin’.

If you’d like to see some other completed sewing projects, check out this post. I also have a rice & lavender heating pad tutorial if you’re interested in working on a little somethin’ of your own. :)


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