Throwback Thursday: Freelance Bridesmaid

This week’s Throwback Thursday looks back at a variety of Wedding-related projects from 2007 to 2011. As I mentioned in my prequel to this post, I was a part of 5 different bridal parties over 4 years. The great irony to this, is the fact that I’m not really a “wedding person”. Sure, I love letting loose on the dance floor at the reception (and the presumably open bar) – but as far as the pomp and circumstance of white dresses, vows, showers, and first dances go…no thanks – not my thang. But, I’ve always said: to each their own!

wedding1_01I’ve always been the the designated ribbon hat & bouquet maker at the showers I was a part of.
From left to right: my cousins Danielle & Lenora, and friend Lindsey.

Being in a bridal party is a lot of responsibility. Aside from dress-fittings and moral-supportings, there’s a lot that goes into making sure that the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party are special and memorable. One of the best ways to do that is with handmade elements, that can hopefully become keepsakes.

I’ve been fortunate to work with very helpful, hands-on, and happy brides. Case in point: Bride #1, my cousin Danielle. She chose an awesome place for her Bachelorette Party: The Awesome 80s Prom in NYC – a fun venue where you get to dress up in your funkiest 80’s attire and get down to the likes of The Bangles and Duran Duran. Like TOTALLY Rad! Once the venue was picked, I got to work on a shirt design that we would all wear with our ripped/bleached jeans or shorts and legwarmers. Then, Danielle and I ironed the oh-so-PINK “Girls just want to have fun” design onto each shirt. Now, that’s a helpful bride!

wedding2_01We ironed the design onto large white tees so that we could let them hang off our shoulders
and/or tie them in a knot on our hip (classic 80’s).

My next Bridesmaid calling was for my friends Will & Stacy. I don’t have any pictures to share because the majority of the projects I worked on were videos. First was a surprise for Stacy at her Shower: “The Almost Newlywed Game” complete with a Photoshopped title screen and theme music from the actual Newlywed Game show. The video featured clips of Will answering questions about himself. We then had Stacy try to guess Will’s answers in front of her Shower guests – but if she got any answers wrong, she had to put a piece of gun in her mouth. Ha! I also helped make a DVD slideshow of pictures synced with special songs featuring Will & Stacy throughout the years, which was played at the Rehearsal dinner. Both videos were a fun surprise for the couple and enjoyed by the guests.

Less than a year later I was a bridesmaid in 2 weddings that were 3 months apart: my cousin, Lenora’s, and then my brother’s. Weddingmania!! For Lenora (Danielle’s sister), I designed shirts for her surprise Bachelorette Party in NYC: dinner/games at Dave and Buster’s and then a comedy show at Caroline’s. We call Lenora L.A. for short (her middle name is Anne), so the black shirts featured a city skyline and said “An L.A. Party in NYC”.

And for my (now) sister-in-law’s butterfly themed Bridal Shower, I was in charge of games, prizes and centerpieces. Amongst the prizes were mini bottles of wine with custom butterfly labels commemorating the event. The centerpieces were made up of small square vases, filled with smooth rocks, and cardboard butterflies “fluttering” above faux flowers. I was really pleased with how they turned out :)


Last, but certainly not least, the crowning achievement of my bridal party resume: I was selected to be the Maid of Honor for my best friend from college, Lindsey (mentioned here). True story: I had just finished being a Bridesmaid for my brother’s wedding, when a week later, Lindsey got engaged! Lindsey’s was actually the quickest engagement I’ve ever been a part of: 6 months! There was a LOT to do in a short amount of time, but fortunately, Linz and the bridesmaids were all super helpful, talented (and awesome).

First up were the Bridal Shower invites. I used VistaPrint, which had a really nice watercolor island card which was perfect for her beach themed shower. All I had to do was lay out the text. I also made the centerpieces for the shower: large glass vases filled with sand, shells and a blue pillar candle, and palm tree stickers around the outside. All of the tables were also accented with extra seashells.

wedding4_01In addition to the centerpieces, I also placed some of the extra invitations in a fishbowl filled with sand and shells as added decoration (right)

In addition to the centerpieces, we decided that we would surprise Lindsey (an avid scrapbooker) with a special scrapbook. We each made a page (front and back) featuring special memories of our friendship.

Everything came full circle when Lindsey decided that she also wanted to have her Bachelorette Party at the Awesome 80s Prom. We decided that we all wanted to wear funky 80’s dresses, but Lindsey still wanted us all to have something matching that we could keep. So, instead of shirts, I designed oversized buttons on

wedding5_01One of my scrapbook pages featuring an inside joke of our’s (left), and our 80’s buttons & outfits.

Phew – that was quite the trip down memory lane! While it made for some very busy (and expensive) months, I really do feel fortunate and honored to have been a part of each of these girls’ special days.

Thanks for joining me on today’s lengthy Throwback! Hopefully I’ve shared some good ideas or inspiration to some other bridesmaids out there :)


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    • Haha – I’m partial to the oversized button. I don’t wear the shirts (the iron-on didn’t survive the wash too well), but I have the button pinned to a fabric basket in my room – it’s timeless! :P

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