A Little Bling and a Sneak Peek

This past weekend I went to Atlantic City to celebrate my friend Deanne’s Bachelorette party. It was a blast! Not only is Deanne one of my oldest friends, but Atlantic City and Bachelorette parties are 2 of my favorite things – especially when they’re combined! Funzies!

I took the train out from Harrisburg, while all of my friends (the majority of which I’ve known since pre-school) drove down from New York. Since I wasn’t driving, I had plenty of time to take lots of Instagram pics (#instagramaddict):

IMG_20130406_102826IMG_20130407_145014The vast difference of scenery in Pennsylvania: Lancaster vs Philadelphia
IMG_20130406_132629IMG_20130406_154901Next stop: Atlantic City!! And I even got a little Boardwalk time in with my cousin :)

But I’m not writing this post to share Instagram pics :P I actually wanted to share a pic of the shirt I designed for us girls to wear in honor of Deanne and her big weekend. Unfortunately, we were too preoccupied with doing our nails/make-up, previewing outfit options, enjoying cocktails and gossiping to ever get a good group pic of us in the shirts. So, I only have the following to share:


Deanne’s shirt said “Bling! Bling! I got the Ring!”, while our shirts said “…Dee got the Ring!”. I worked on the design in Illustrator by combining two different [free] fonts and then “sprinkling” stars everywhere. I then sent 2 PDFs to our friend Francesca who ironed the design onto all of the shirts (16 of them!)

Funny sidenote: after sending the design, I regretted not suggesting to Francesca to add rhinestones to the shirts for a little bling, but I really didn’t want to add more to her plate (as the Matron of Honor, she has plenty going on!). Turns out that great minds DO think alike, because when I got my shirt on Saturday I was thrilled to see rhinestones dotting each of the i’s! Nice touch French :)

Deeblog2_01A close-up of the rhinestones. And 1 of the few pics we took in the shirts: me, the bride-to-be, and our friend Lauren.

I wanted to share this shirt because it’s the perfect prequel to next week’s Throwback Thursday: Freelance Bridesmaid. Since my cousin’s engagement back in 2007, I’ve been a member of 5 bridal parties. Five! That’s a lot of weddingsespecially for someone who doesn’t plan on having a wedding of her own!

Nevertheless, each of them turned out to be a special, memorable, and crafty experience! Here’s a sneak peak of some of the projects I’ll be sharing:

sneakpeakA small sampling: some centerpieces and another piece of Bachelorette swag!

So, stop by next week if you happen to be in a bridal party and are looking for ideas (or if you want to hire me as a bridesmaid ;)).


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