Spring Challenge

The infamous Janelle recently participated in Just Live It’sBloggers Like Us” Challenge: share a pic of something about Spring that makes you smile. Seemed fun and easy enough, so I decided I would participate too!

My initial thought was that this wouldn’t be much of a challenge for me because I’m a photoholic who loves Spring! Really, the biggest difficulties in writing this post are: 1. I only have a limited amount of time to write it (I found out about it Friday, it ends tomorrow and I was away all weekend) and 2. it’s tough to keep it to one pic, as there’s so much I like about Spring! But, I think that participating in this challenge is a good opportunity to try and fight my recently revealed bad habits and just get something done quickly, without obsessing over it. And therein lies the challenge for me!

There’s so much I appreciate and look forward to each Spring:

  • Opening the windows & letting the fresh air in!
  • Longer days
  • Back to bikeriding!
biking_IG_450An Instagram pic of our first bikeride of the season, a couple of weeks ago.
We did an easy 9.92 miles along Admire Rd.
  • Fresh flowers
  • Walking to lunch
  • Spending time outside landscaping & (re)starting our veggie garden!
Spring1_01My car loaded up to the max with soil, mulch and plants.Where our seedlings start before being transplanted into our planter boxes.That’s me – cutting a cucumber from our garden :)
  • More of my favorite fruits coming into season
  • Lighter (or no) jackets
  • And, I saved the best for last: GREEN!
Spring2_01Green grass (perfect for lying in), with our veggie garden in the background.By mid-Spring, the woods behind our house is full and lushSpring contains so many different shades of my favorite color!

It’s no secret that I am obsessed (literally) with the color green, and Spring means that everything will start budding and blooming soon! Day by day trees, lawns and woods get greener and greener – and I love it :)

This was a fun challenge – so thank you to Nicole for hosting it! This was a great reason to get an impromptu post out there. I look forward to participating in more challenges in the future!


4 thoughts on “Spring Challenge

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  2. “Opening the windows & letting the fresh air in!”
    Yes! I’m all for that as well. It feel so nice to let all the stuffiness of winter escape through the windows.

    • Yeah, the fresh air and sunlight do have a refreshing/cleansing effect on the house – I love it! I need to enjoy it before the polar bear I live with wants the Central Air on!

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