Lightbulbs and Wine Corks

Have I mentioned that Paul and I are moving? If you’ve talked to me anytime since January, the answer is “Yes, yes you have…everyday actually.”  We currently live in Dover, and while I’d love to be closer to my family back home in NY/NJ – we’re staying local to continue working at the companies that have taken very good care of us over the years.

This means that I’ve been very busy putting [an absurd amount of] samples on the walls and uncluttering closets. The latter has lead me to a realization: there is a fine line between being a crafter and a hoarder. I give you, Exhibit A:

hoarder2_01_01Lightbulbs, wine corks, bags of dyed rice, old keyboard keys and old Rummikub tiles: just the tip of the iceberg…

This is not a huge revelation. Our guest bedroom is also my craft/sewing room – so it’s become a catch-all for all of the little things that I hang on to for some project …someday: scraps of ribbon, runaway buttons, pristine pieces of cardboard, jars/tins/containers. All in the guestroom, waiting for …someday.

But now I’ve started chipping away at the guestroom closet. The goal is to donate the stuff we don’t need and pack the stuff we do need (and “need” is a word we’ll use loosely). But what about all of the things I think I might need …someday??

At least 30 different varieties of beads (keep), an assortment of faux flowers (donate), a shopping bag full of yarn from when I used to crochet (undecided), a shower curtain with fish that have google-y eyes (I’ve held onto this gem since my apartment!), a large mirror (I could paint it!).

And did I mention that I live with an enabler? Yup. Paul is part of the problem. Although, it’s in the best possible way: he is the biggest supporter of my creative whims. Over the years he’s given me a Wacom tablet, my sewing machine, the sewing table, books on my favorite artists and my sweet new camera. When I decide to get crafty with melted crayons in the middle of the kitchen floor, or food coloring bubbles on the back deck – Paul’s always willing to help (whether it’s holding something for me, or just bringing me a glass of wine…what a guy :) )

I digress. Despite his good intentions – he is an enabler! Example: He found a plastic bag full of incandescent lightbulbs. All different shapes and sizes from old light fixtures that we’ve replaced. My initial reaction: let’s get rid of them (donate or chuck – whichever). Then he points at the larger, perfectly cylindrical bulbs and says “But imagine what a round snowman this would make” referring to the lightbulb snowmen I made this past December…and I cave. I keep all of them so that they can be reincarnated into lightbulb snowmen. Who knows – maybe I can sell some next Christmas?

Another example: Last year we were going to donate an old (circa 90s) keyboard, but I had seen some ideas on Pinterest turning computer keys into magnets and pushpins. Paul promptly pried off all of the keys for me. Enabler!

The good news? I actually did follow through and make both magnets AND pins! The pathetic news? I’ve also kept all of the keys I haven’t used yet…just in case! You know what they hoarders say: “Waste not, want not!”


Completely independent of Paul’s enabling, the list goes on: wine corks, already dyed rice, empty tissue boxes, unpaired socks, found seaglass and seashells, old Rummikub tiles, stacks of business cards from previous jobs, paint chip samples, old calendars

Sure – I could just toss a lot of this stuff – but who knows what creative possibilities I might be sacrificing! Just like the keyboard keys, some of these things really DO turn into crafty creations (…eventually):

hoarder4_01A mason jar filled with paper stars
(made from old calendar pages)
A gift featuring Rummikub tiles for my cousin Danielle (a fellow Rummikub junkie)Paper trees made out of unused
business cards from a previous job

The worst part: this is just the beginning. I haven’t even dug through my craft bins yet! Speaking of which…that’s exactly what I need to be doing now. So, if you’ll excuse me, I have some more hoarding packing to do.


6 thoughts on “Lightbulbs and Wine Corks

  1. read the blog. dadorable! probably going to shoprite, today. would you be interested in more Irish Soda Bread, if they have it? Also, did you read my email and PS????? Have a GREAT day! Love you, Me xoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Okay I guess I’m an enabler too because I’d tell you to keep all of that stuff… because I do it too! I’m reading and I’m just nodding my head the whole time and saying “yep, yep, yep” hahaha

    Also, Rummikub is one of the best games EVER.

    • You ARE an enabler, because now I’ve started hanging on to even smaller things that MIGHT be usable for Project Life!!

      And yes – I had seen that you mentioned Rummikub on your blog awhile back…we should play at lunch one time! I love it!

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