Oink! Ba-ah! Moo!

… Emily is two!

I’m excited to share some pictures of Miss Emily’s farm themed birthday party! I mentioned this party a couple of weeks ago, when my friend Stacy enlisted me to help with the decorations.

Emily1_01The birthday girl sneaking some potato chips and Stacy & Emily with some of the farm-themed spread.

To be honest, when Stacy first asked for help my gut reaction was similar to how I react to freelancing: more hesitant than excited. I just know that I tend to get a little obsessive with projects and take on too much at once. Not to mention my perfection issues (but I guess that could be filed under obsessive).

But, one lunch date with Stacy to AC Moore erased all of my hesitation! I dove right in and quickly got carried away. And honestly, I’m really happy Stacy asked me to help, because it forced us always-too-busy-girls to spend some quality (and creative) time together.

We got together about 4 evenings to work on the biggest project: the Happy Birthday banner. Each letter and animal is made up of multiple layers of different color foam. With all the cutting and hot gluing (…and wine), it’s a miracle there were no catastrophes (so long as we don’t count the almost-backwards-banner incident). In addition to that, we also painted wooden barns pink and used cute wooden farm animals to label the food:

Emily3_01Even the food was farm themed: pigs in a blanket, Emily’s garden veggies, and “chicken feed” (Chex mix :P)

Plus, our friend Sabrina made custom farm themed invites, and her sister, Alexis, made incredible farm animal cupcakes! Needless to say – they were a hit:

Emily6_01These cupcakes were as delicious as they looked! Nom nom nom!!

The happy little farm animals I drew a couple of weeks ago got a lot of use! I scanned my sketches into Illustrator so that I could trace, re-size and print them out. That way I could use them as traceable templates for the banner.

Once they were vectorized, I was able to re-use them as both coloring pages for Emily and as well as a custom birthday shirt (ordered through Zazzle):

Emily10_01You can imagine the challenge of trying to get a non-blurry picture of an excited 2-year-old full of “cuppy-cake”!!

The farm theme was a hit, and like the invitation said, we partied till the cows came home! I’m happy I was able to help out….but, Stacy and I agree – we would not be disappointed if Emily had a farm themed party for the next couple of years :P


2 thoughts on “Oink! Ba-ah! Moo!

  1. Your animals turned out GREAT! It’s fortunate that you got to use the same animals in multiple ways.

    I too am guilty of birthday party overkill. That’s the real reason birthdays are only once per year – to give the party planner a break!

  2. Oh my god! How have I never seen this! This is the coolest!!!!! Ever!!!! You made templates and t shirts! #mindblown #toocute #isthisoninstagram #obsessed

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