Throwback Thursday: Stop-motion videos

Welcome to my first Throwback Thursday! This is the first of a series of posts that will feature projects that I’ve completed over the past couple of years.

Let’s begin with a little history lesson. This blog was actually something I started back in 2010, after I was laid off, in an effort to keep myself busy and my skills sharp. At the time, I lived in an apartment by myself, and had plenty of time to explore new creative endeavors, no matter how tedious or messy they might be.

It was the perfect opportunity to set up a make-shift studio and try a medium that has always intrigued me: stop motion. Right in the middle of my living room floor, I would set up scenes featuring candy and use my regular old point and shoot camera attached to my Gorillapod.

Tweak, snap…tweak tweak, snap…tweak, snap.

I would then take all of the pictures and arrange them in Flash (Flash really isn’t the appropriate software for stop motion – but it was the best thing I had at the time). I ended up making 3 videos in total. Contrary to the amount of time they took to make, they’re all super short … and a little cheesy :P

I actually featured these videos on my blog when I first made them, but I’m categorizing them as a throwback because the links were broken for a while and they took FOREVER to load. But now, I’ve converted and uploaded them to Vimeo so that all 3 videos can live right here, in my first throwback post :)

Let’s see some videos (be sure to turn your volume up)!

Twizzler Love – January 14, 2010

Excerpt from the original post:
“I’ve found a new outlet for my creative energy! :) After receiving a Gorillapod for Christmas I made my first stop-motion film. The most recent theme at Art Nite was ‘love’ – so I used that as my theme for this film.”
“I plan to make more – and since I have quite the sweet tooth, candy will be the common theme. Stay tuned!”

Skittle Logo – January 26, 2010

Excerpt from the original post:
“I cannot get enough of Stop-Motion films!”
“Curious about how I do it?? … I actually created the skittle-logo and took skittles away. Then arranged the images backward so it looks like the skittles are appearing, not disappearing.”
“These films take a lot of time and planning, but I really enjoy it. Coming up next: and underwater scene with Skittle-fish! Stay tuned…”

SkittleFish – February 9, 2010

Excerpt from the original post:
“Here is my second stop-motion film featuring Skittles… Skittle fish!”
“This film took a while, and some trickery. I had planned out this elaborate underwater scene, with skittle-fish, but I knew it would be a pain to move a group of skittles one-by-one. So – for the large orange fish, I glued a bunch of skittles to a string, and that was the outline of my fish. That way I was able to just pull the outline, and all the loose skittles inside would be dragged along. But – the fish was still able to have the option of a mouth, depending on how I arranged the skittles by the ends of the string (which was the front of the fish). The back fins are also 2 separate pieces of string with skittles glued to them.”
“The background is a white trash back painted with acrylics. Using a trash bag on carpet created occasional wrinkles which add to the underwater effect. [By using Flash, I was able to add] elements such as the waves, the worm & the music.”

I’m still fascinated by stop motion videos – which is evident by the impromptu series of photos I take of houseplants growing…pancakes rising…you name it! I’d love to create more videos in the future – there’s certainly no shortage of inspiration. The actual hurdles are time and workspace. I don’t have the “luxury” (ha!) of turning my living room floor into a studio anymore, so I likely won’t make another video until we move and I have a dedicated craft room/office.

But – until then, there are plenty of other projects to work on, as well as Throwback projects to feature! I hope you enjoyed my first Throwback Thursday :)


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