Practice makes perfect…

…and I love perfect. Ironically, one of my goals with doodling everyday in 2013 is to combat my perfectionist tendencies. Striving for perfection is one thing, but avoiding art just because it might not be flawless – that’s just a waste of creative opportunities!

As part of my commitment to doodle more – I’m also making an effort to broaden and improve my illustration subject matter. Drawing patterns is fun and all, but like swirls – they’re low hanging fruit for me. I want to get better at freehanding actual things, like people, animals and trees.

Conveniently enough, opportunity came knocking (well, texting) a couple of weeks ago. My friend Stacy is throwing a farm themed birthday party for her 2 year old, and requested help with crafty decorations. Come up with some friendly little farm animals? Don’t mind if I do!

Cartoon Farm AnimalsCartoon Giraffe
Fat and friendly farm animals: the perfect muse!

I realize Old McDonald didn’t have a giraffe – but they’re my favorite animals, so I drew one for fun :)

As I’ve mentioned before – I’d like to write and illustrate a series of children’s books one day. One minor problem: I stink at drawing people! To try and break this self-fulfilling prophecy, a couple of years ago I bought an instructional book on character design, along with a large sketchbook dedicated to all of the characters I was going to draw. Unfortunately, aside from an initial whack at characters, my sketchbook didn’t get filled as quickly as I had imagined.

Thankfully, my barnyard friends rekindled my interest – so I blew the dust off of my character design book and tried again over the weekend:

Character Faces

For now, I started with just faces (baby steps), except for the gorilla – he was actually the result of mistake fixes :P

Before I work my way up to the cast of characters that will make up my children’s books – I’d really like to come up with a signature character that I can draw anywhere, doing anything, on a whim. Instead of swirls in the margins of my notebook, this friendly character will be there playing with a yo-yo or doing a handstand. I think that developing a go-to character will be good practice to learn how to express different actions and emotions.

Coming soon to a Sandbox near you: Throwback Thursday!!

At the request of my Mom (my blog’s unofficial Public Relations Director) – I’m going to start featuring various projects, that I’ve completed over the past couple of years, here. I’ve dabbled in all sorts of arenas: clay, jewelry-making, stop-motion videos, painting… so why not share all the creative goodness that those projects entailed?

I can’t commit to every Thursday – I really just needed a catchy name to serve as both motivation for me, and enticement for you. But, I’ve already got my first throwback project planned and ready to go! So, check in this Thursday and take a nostalgic trip down Creativity Lane with me :)


5 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect…

  1. Love the doodles of folks and the GIRAFFE!!!! You are smart to recognize the “perfectionism” personality trait at your age. Took me alot longer and to make adjustments to my daily life accordingly!!!!!!!!!! My motto……strive for perfection and be happy that you gave it your all and happy with the results regardless!!! There is NOTHING 100% perfect in this world! xoxooxo

    • Aww – thank you for reading & commenting Mary Ann! I truly appreciate it :D My perfectionism is silly – because no matter what, I always, always, always see something wrong! What’s worse: having such a negative point of view goes against every positive/optimistic bone in my body! I hope that by working on this, I will no longer subconsciously look for flaws.
      And you’re right – NOTHING is 100% perfect – it’s all relative. What’s “perfect” to me, isn’t “perfect” to someone else anyway!
      Thanks again for stopping by :)

  2. YESSSSSS! I’m excited for Throwback Thursday. Given your mom’s encouragement and suggestions, I can only assume that she is awesome :)

    Check out the blog Nice Girl Notes. She does stick figures a lot. Funny stuff.

    • Thanks for the comment Janelle :) I think you’re really gonna dig my first Throwback!

      And you are safe in your assumption – my Mom is indeed an awesome person. Hands-down, she’s my #1 fan (and I’m her’s)! Both my parents would agree that I get my artistic abilities from my Mom….but I get the perfectionism from both of them!

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