A Doodle a Day in 2013

That’s the goal! One doodle, every single day, in 2013.

That’s 365 opportunities not only to be creative, but also to improve my illustration style, AND (most importantly) get over my perfectionism. A doodle (or sketch) a day will help make me a more confident freehand artist, as well as give me a daily opportunity to explore different illustration styles.

I used to draw all the time – and my drawing portfolio is what got me accepted into the Graphic Design program at York College. But nowadays I never sit and sketch, and if I doodle – I typically stick to my default: swirls. They’re my obsession favorite thing to doodle – I love the fluidity and smoothness of every single little loop…


Swirls: a tell-tale sign that Amy was here (and bored :P).

Swirls are fine and all, but they’re really just a security blanket. I draw them because they’re fun and easy. I avoid drawing other things because there’s a chance it won’t look clean, or balanced…or perfect.

I think a doodle a day is the solution to this avoidance issue – coming up with something new to draw everyday will push me out of my swirl-comfort zone. Plus, it will also give me more to share here! There are no promises of grandeur (or perfection) – I’m just playing around – but I’m happy to share that, so far, I’ve got a good collection of doodles:

One last thing: I had an epiphany the other day while buying fabric to make another rice and lavender heating pad….I’m going to write a tutorial! I’ve been able to create so many awesome things based on tutorials that I’ve come across that I think it would only be right for my blog-karma to return the favor. So, it’s out there now…and once it’s written on the blog, I have to do it! Stay tuned :)


2 thoughts on “A Doodle a Day in 2013

  1. I am not a doodler so I really love these especially the Saturday doodle. Slap a kid’s name in there and that’s totally kid-room art you could sell :) I’ll be your first customer!

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