Christmas Craft Recap & Creative Optimism for 2013

Happy 2013! Here’s to a year full of more creativity, more projects and more posts! I know I started out on a roll last January, and for a while I was averaging about 1 post per month. That trend eventually faded, but it’s a new year – a fresh start – and I’m ready to spend more time playing in my Sandblog :)

To start, I’d like to share a couple of the Christmas crafts I worked on in December. Of course, I stumbled across most of these ideas on Pinterest, and one of my Creativity Goals from last April was to actually follow through and complete the things I pinned to my “Inspiration for Projects” board. I’m happy to note that there have actually been a handful of small projects that I have pinned and tackled, but I just never took pictures of them. But my recent Christmas crafts were too cute not to take pictures of [if I do say so myself]:

Christmas Crafts

Sock Snowmen (filled with rice)
Upcycled lightbulb snowmen
Rice and Lavender heating pad
  • The first project was a sock snowman inspired by this blog post. I made my first one back in November, and it was so easy and fun to make that I then solicited my family for old, hole-y or unpaired socks, and I was able to make 6 snowmen in total! All but my first one (far left) found homes with family members as Christmas gifts.
  • I also made 3 lightbulb snowmen based on this blog post. When I first saw the pin, I had no idea where I would find old incandescent lightbulbs (we only have the swirly energy efficient ones) – but then out of nowhere I acquired 3 burnt out bulbs, and I knew that they were destined to be reincarnated into snowmen! I took a different approach than the original crafter, by painting layers of glass paint mixed with glitter paint, and adding a sock-scrap scarf to one of them (that one went to my Mom as a Christmas gift). Both types of snowmen used black beads for eyes/buttons and either orange toothpicks or beads for the noses.
  • The last handmade Christmas gift wasn’t inspired by a pin. I made my third rice & lavender microwaveable heating pad to give to my sister-in-law. I used coordinating fleece and cotton fabric with contrasting thread. I wish I had taken more pictures of it because it is the best (and neatest) heating pad I’ve made so far! Update: I ended up writing a tutorial on how to sew a rice and lavender heating pad – check it out!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make handmade Christmas gift tags like I did last year. That’s because I was rushing to finish our vacation photobook in time for Paul’s family to see it over the holidays. Good news – I finished it in time: a 12×12 book, 111 pages, 442 pictures and countless hours spent on Shutterfly. As I’ve said before, vacation pictures are a post for another time – so for now, I’d like to share the Christmas card (also made on Shutterfly) that Paul and I sent out, in an effort share a small glimpse of what we saw on our trip, with the ones we love:
Our Christmas Card, 2012

(disregard the pixelated edges, this is just a screenshot of the preview)

The front features 3 of our favorite pictures from the 3 National Parks we visited: Lake of Glass in Rocky Mountain NP, Jenny Lake in Grand Teton NP and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone in (you guessed it) Yellowstone NP. The back of the card has 2 small pictures: where we got engaged (Artist Point, an overlook to the Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of YS) as well as a picture of the ring Paul gave me (his Great Grandmother’s beautiful ring). Beneath the 2 engagement pics is a tongue-in-cheek message about our surprising engagement (since it took us 8 years to actually take this step :P)

Alright, in an effort to post more often, I realized that I need to make my posts shorter. I usually spend about 2-3 days writing & reviewing these long catch-up posts…which makes updating my Sandblog a lot more daunting than it needs to be. SO – I’m just going to end with 2 more pics of some doodles I did today, inspired by this video I pinned this morning on Pinterest:
2013 DoodlesI know they’re nothing special – but one of my biggest creative blocks is not doing something because I know it won’t be perfect. It’s time to get over that! Doodles don’t have to be perfect or “works of art”…doodling is a great way to flex the creative muscle, especially since I want to find and improve my own distinct illustration style. So, here’s to more doodling and creativity 2013!!


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