I’ve hit the ground running!

I’m happy to report that I’ve achieved one of my creativity goals:

20120507-221005.jpgWhen I first fell head over heels in love with Pinterest, I swore that I wasn’t just going to pin projects for some day (literally – I wrote that), but instead I would utilize all of the inspiration that Pinterest provided. At first, I was on a roll….but then the creative hiatus hit…

Let’s never speak of those days again, okay? Thanks.

But now, I’ve got my Creativity Goals list, and I’m already on a roll! Over the past week, I completed these two Pinterest-inspired projects:

The picture on the left is the headband I sewed using scrap fabric (courtesy of this awesome tutorial). This took almost no time at all – so I will definitely be making more! The picture on the right is of a once blech-colored light-switch plate that I re-habbed by mod-podging scrapbook paper onto them (courtesy of this detailed tutorial). This technique was so much more resourceful then replacing a bunch of perfectly good (but color challenged) switch plates :)

In addition to these, I’ve also started working on a long-term project that will one day become a very special gift for my very special nephew (said special gift will require its very own special post…)

I’m hoping that this recent burst of creative productivity isn’t followed by a you-know-what…especially since I’ll be out of town the next 3 weekends in a row. Since it’ll be tough to get any projects completed, I’m going to keep a sketchbook handy and will make an effort to sketch or doodle whenever possible.


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