Creativity Goals

Once again, I’ve neglected my Sandblog (for shame!). Unfortunately, I can’t even claim that it’s because I’ve been up to my ears in creative projects. I’ve just been super busy with work, house projects/gardening, the gym…life in general I guess.

Contrary to my behavior, I feel that it’s important that creativity be one of the things in life that keeps me busy…not one of the things that gets pushed aside because I am busy. So, in an effort to make creativity a priority, I decided to make a Creativity Goals list:


Being busy isn’t the only culprit here…. I recently realized that my current creative “process” (see below) makes fun projects become more like a chore and less of something I do ‘just because’. So, I’m hopeful that setting some goals will not only keep me motivated, but also keep me from hyper-focusing on just one big project at a time.

My creative “process”:

  1. Come up with project idea
  2. Procrastinate…la la la!
  3. Spend a day starting/diving into project…get about 30-50% done
  4. Take a “break” to bask in the feeling of accomplishment [procrastinate…la la la!]
  5. Wait until project due date* is less than 2 weeks away, consider finishing
  6. Finally evaluate amount of work left and available time
  7. Panic!
  8. Hurry up to finish project with little time to spare
  9. Reward myself with relaxation, which inevitably leads to a creative hiatus

*if there is no due date, continue to procrastinate (…la la la!)

My Creativity Goals run the gamut; some are pretty specific (i.e. make a stuffed owl for my baby nephew) and others are more general (i.e. practice different illustration styles). I’ve even left a little room to add future goals. So far, I’m off to a good start, because I’ve already accomplished one of my goals: make creative Creativity Goal list…check! After each completed project, I look forward to sharing the details as well as pics of the final product here, in my Sandblog.

Speaking of pics of final products (slick, right?)…as promised, here’s a picture of my best friend/mom-to-be Lindsey with the “pirate monkey” quilt I made for her/her baby.

Practice really does make perfect, as this is my best quilt yet! I re-used a technique that I had done in the t-shirt quilt, and “stitched in the ditch” of all the seams. It really gives the quilt a nice plush effect.

Alright…enough writing! I’ve got projects to work on :)


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