Art Nite!

Art Nite
One of the best things about living out by York is Art Nite. Every month a group of us get together at someone’s house (or a local restaurant) to eat, drink, laugh and share art projects. Projects are usually based on topics that we submit and pick at the previous Art Nite, or they can be anything that you’ve been working on and want to share. My favorite part is that there’s never any critiquing…only positive suggestions & good conversations. Even if you don’t have a project, you’re still welcome to come and enjoy a fun night full of good vibes!

In case you can’t tell, I heart Art Nite. I’ve been participating since August 2009 and over the past 2 1/2 years I’ve gotten to know some really cool people, and have seen some great projects. Best of all – it’s provided plenty of inspiration for me to make time for creativity in my personal life.

Last Saturday, Paul and I hosted Art Nite for the first time. Paul was excited to cook for everyone…I was just excited! We had a pretty good turn out – 6 Art Niter’s came :) It was a night full of good food and lots of laughs, as well as an impromptu discussion of a possible Double Dare Day this summer…(guys, I’m serious – are we doing that?).

On to the projects!! The topics this month were “flesh” and “electricity”.

Paul and I sort of took the easy way out: Paul was able to capitalize on the ‘electricity’ theme, and pointed out some of the light fixtures he’s replaced and installed. I was so focused on getting the house ready that I made “Dunkaroo Dip” (found on Pinterest :P) and called it my project (like I said, you don’t HAVE to stick to the topics!).

Ivy (dressed in all ‘flesh’-tones) shared a project she created on – a cool Powerpoint alternative that makes presentations with sweet motion effects (for free!) – very cool. Andi brought an awesome lamp she made from found objects around her house – a piece of molding and an old broken hammer – very creative. Melissa crocheted a hemp soap holder, complete with soap from Sunrise Soap Company. Best of all – she let me keep it!! Thanks Melissa – I’ve been using it everyday and like it a lot :) Jason brought a flat screen TV with the LCD removed – so it just emits a crazy bright white light. We played around a little with some dyed rice that I had. Jason also let me hang on to the TV for the next month so I can play with it a little more…I think it’s time for some more stop-motion films!! Jackie and Adam also attended, and although they didn’t bring any projects – they supplied plenty of laughs!

So that’s Art Nite in a nutshell…a giant, giant nutshell.


2 thoughts on “Art Nite!

  1. oh my…i just love it love it love it! Thanks Amy!
    I had a very fun night…my cheeks hurt from laughing when i got in my car.
    and that picture of the group is hilarious.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that the next Art Nite is going to be at our house! Email me if you need directions.

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