One of my favs

Since my last post, I’ve started sewing the monkey-pirate quilt for my best friend’s shower. Fortunately, gifts have a built-in deadline, so I’ll be posting pics of the completed quilt in the next week or so. I’m about half way done, and so far – it’s looking really good (if I do say so myself :P)

Once I finish the quilt, my next project will be creating a photobook of the vacation/adventure my boyfriend, Paul, and I took last summer. We spent a week enjoying several parts of Maine (as well as 1 night in New Hampshire) last August, and it was incredible! It was everything we hoped for and more – great weather, lots of adventures, unforgettable food, breathtaking views, as well as 3 memorable bed & breakfasts run by helpful and friendly hosts. I could write an entire post about everything we did (like hiking, biking & kayaking around Acadia National Park) and saw (the view from the top of Mount Washington in NH)…but I need to make the photobook first! It’s looooong overdue – although, with over a thousand pictures, it’s a daunting task!

In an effort to not put blogging on the backburner – I’d like to share one of my favorite pics from Maine. Actually – it’s really one of my favorite pictures ever. Although I took it in Maine, I can’t compare it to all of the amazing things we saw there (like this breathtaking scenery and this bad-ass tree)!

I know it’s nothing incredible – just a miniature shell on the rocky shoreline of Otter Cove in Acadia National Park…but it’s a photo that (for some reason) sticks with me. I really enjoy it, so I figured I’d share in hopes that someone else can get a little enjoyment out of it as well :)


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