Projects: Completed and on deck

I am just going to be straight-up, and admit it: I am head over heels in love with Pinterest! And what’s not to love?? Thousands of interesting pictures & great ideas shared by all different people… all in one spot! Now THAT’s obsession-worthy!

One of the first boards I made was ‘Inspiration for Projects’ – and I’ve been adding to it daily. Early on I decided that rather than pinning a bunch of great ideas for some day – I’m really going to make an effort to put all of this inspiration to work & make some stuff. And with that, I recently completed 3 projects within days of seeing them on Pinterest.

Projects inspired by Pinterest!

The first project: a Christmas ornament made from Christmas cards. I had actually seen this craft in a magazine back in December – but seeing it on Pinterest not only reminded me of it, but it also motivated me to actually do it. I followed this tutorial, and although it took a little longer than I expected – I’m very happy with how it came out :) I even added a bell on the inside for a hidden surprise.

The next project, paper stars, also utilized upcycled materials: old calendar pages. One Saturday morning I re-pinned a picture of newspaper stars strung together. That afternoon I made about 30 paper stars! I had followed this video tutorial – but didn’t have too much success using newspaper. That’s when I remembered I saved about three 2011 calendars in hopes that I’d find a creative use for them….and voila! Colorful paper stars. Then I used invisible thread and hung them from lights and knobs all over the house :)

My last project was dying rice (random, I know). Allow me to explain: I had an old olive oil dispenser that I wasn’t using, but couldn’t part with because it matches our wine-themed kitchen. I decided to use it as a vase, but even after buying flowers for it, it seemed to be missing something. Then I remembered the pin of colorful dyed rice that I had seen on Pinterest. At first, I didn’t have a need for dyed rice (although – did I really need paper stars? :P) but now, I did! I can’t seem to find the tutorial that I followed – but it was a quick and easy project, and it was the perfect addition to my new ‘vase’.

Monkey Pirate fabricMy next project isn’t a Pinterest inspiration. I will be making my 3rd baby quilt, this time for my best friend, Lindsey. It’s her first baby, and they recently found out it’s a boy. I knew I’d be making him a quilt, so she told me the theme of his room back in December: Monkey pirates. Huh? I didn’t even know monkeys could sail. I went to Jo-Anne’s Friday night (cause I’m that cool), and much to my surprise – I found the perfect fabrics! At first I was all over the spectrum with my blues – but then I found some great browns to help tie all of the different pieces together. I’m really excited to get back to sewing – and hope this quilt turns out as good as it looks in my head!  Update: see the completed quilt at the bottom of this post!


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