The 5-minute Journal

The week after Christmas I went to a new bookstore to check out their calendars and post-Christmas deals. I was psyched to see that ALL of their calendars and planners were 50% off! For some inexplicable reason, I was especially intrigued by the planners – there were all different types and designs. The majority were pretty big – I guess for people who have lots to plan – but I’ve always kept a small, cheap planner that fits right in my purse…and I haven’t missed an event yet :P

Even though I didn’t need one, I felt compelled to get one. That’s when a light bulb went off: instead of using it to keep track of future events – I could keep track of my daily events, AFTER they happen…like a journal! The larger planners displayed a week over 2 pages, with 7 lines for each day. That’s the perfect amount of space to write about the essentials, and not waste time with the mundane. The limited space also meant that it wouldn’t take a lot of time to update every night. Added bonus? All of the spots are already dated! Why had I never thought of this before? A planner makes the perfect 5-minute journal!

Planner = The 5-minute Journal

A journal is a great way to recognize your daily accomplishments, appreciate the ups and rid your mind of the downs.

I’ve kept journals and diaries at different points throughout my life – but I’ve had less time to do so as an adult. When I tried to start one up 2 years ago, I found myself feeling forced to write about every detail of my day…so it felt more like a chore. Using a planner eliminates both of those journal-killers: it only takes 5 minutes to write & you can only fit what’s actually worth remembering. Best of all – it’s a great way to stay motivated & spot if changes should be made. If you realize that you have nothing interesting to write about – it’s a good sign that it’s time to shake things up!


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