Handmade Christmas gift tags for all!

Handmade Christmas gift tagsAs I mentioned in my Happy 2012 post – one of my recent creative endeavors was making gift tags for all of the gifts I gave for Christmas. For the past 5 years I’ve always bought large sets of ‘fancy’ gift tags, and every year friends and family would ask “Oooh – did you make these?” …sigh – “No.” …But I’m sure that I could! So, last Christmas I made a mental note to make my own decorative gift tags for this Christmas – but to start them in October or November so that they wouldn’t add to my regular Christmas crunch!

Welllll….my regular Christmas crunch started in November, so while I bought the supplies in early October – I didn’t get around to this grand idea until December 16th :P

Despite the tight deadline, I really enjoyed this project… and the positive reactions I received from family members was an added bonus. Oddly enough, it turned out to be a really nice way to relax.

I had fun coming up with the different designs for each tag. I cut both ‘tag’ and ornament shapes from sparkly cardstock and then embellished them with things like 3D stickers and ribbon, as well as elements from old gift tags and Christmas cards. While I made a few series of similar looking tags with different features, each tag was unique and had coordinating ribbon :) I spent about 15 hours in Christmas craft paradise, and in the end made about 30 tags. Click on a thumbnail below to view a larger image:

Now I’d like to share my latest obsession….Pinterest! Pinterest is a site where people “pin” pictures of things and ideas that they like (and want to share) from around the internet. I must admit – I didn’t really get it at first…but after joining (for free) and spending a little time customizing my boards and pins…I’m ‘paddicted’ :P It’s just a really great site to go to and get lost in….a visual vacation!

For some reason Pinterest has really been fueling my aspirations of 2012 being a creative and fulfilling year. I’m following some creative people and crafty boards, and seeing all of those images of projects and clever ideas inspires me to get busy with my own projects (that I can then pin and share with everyone)! I already uploaded pictures of my gift tags to my “Completed Projects” board, which were re-pinned and liked by some people! I look forward to pinning lots of future projects from my Sandblog :)


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