Happy 2012!

I’d like to share some of my optimism for 2012! After successfully surviving a very ambitious December, I’m feeling like there is no limit to what I can accomplish in 2012. What made December so busy? Well, aside from a full-time job (which is going great, btw), and some serious Christmas and birthday shopping, I created and committed to a laundry list of projects due before 12-25. I’d like to post about some of these projects individually – but here’s a quick overview:

Crazy…I know – but, the fact that I accomplished everything on time and without getting super stressed (or Grinch-y!) has me feeling very ambitious for 2012. Despite the pressure of deadlines & endless self-critiquing, it felt nice to get lost in my own creativity. And the outcomes and reactions felt pretty good too :P

So, I’m entering 2012 with a small list of goals (and a separate list of projects) for myself. My overall goal is to be sure that I get the most out of my free time. In turn, I would like to:

  • watch less TV (but try to see more movies…you’d be amazed at how many movies I haven’t seen!)
  • work on more projects (and not just as gifts…)
  • and of course – blog more!

That last one is tough because I’m not the best writer…and [needless to say] tend to be a little wordy. But, I like to share what I’m working on in hopes that someone will come across my blog and gain some inspiration. That being said…I wouldn’t mind being Freshly Pressed some time in 2012 (Yup – feeling reeeaaally ambitious)!

So, I spent the better part of the new year (today :P) purchasing and tweaking a custom design for my Sandblog. I mean – I know I’ve been big on sewing recently (check out the amazing sewing table Paul gave me in early December!)…but CSS is just as much a creative outlet for me. I’m not quite done yet – so over the next couple of weeks I’ll be taking some time polish my Sandblog :)

Here’s to 2012! May this ambition and optimism I feel grow and hopefully inspire others :) Happy New Year!!


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