Where have you been?!

Well, well, well….look who it is…the author of this blog who hasn’t posted a thing in over a year!  Well I guess that’s what happens when you get a full time job!  That’s right – about a year ago I started working as a Web Developer at Analytical Design Solutions, Inc.  ADSI is a great company located in downtown York that develops [the best] kiosk software.  Everyone there (about 11 people) is really nice, and I’m learning a lot – .NET, jquery, etc… It’s great!

Nevertheless, I would like to keep playing in my Sandbox.  In fact…I’ve still been doing a lot of creative things in my [limited] personal time.  For one thing – I got a sewing machine last June – and have gotten pretty good with it (check out my first baby quilt!).  So – I’d like to start sharing my creations here.

Bikeriding eyecandy! A local farm on Admire Rd

I’ve also been bike riding a lot.  There’s a nice mix of local farmlands, the York Rail Trail and mountain biking up at Gifford Pinchot State Park.  So I’ve been taking a lot of great photographs of the beautiful scenery that I’m looking forward to sharing :)

Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned Art Nite – Art Nite is made up of a group of local creatives that meets every month to eat, drink and share Art Nite projects (ie, be merry).  I’ve been going since 2009 & I love it.  So – I’ll also be sharing past and future Art Nite projects.

So, that’s the plan:  contribute to the blog more often.  I’m not sure if anyone reads it…but hopefully someone will come across it one day while Googling some obscure art term at work, and they can take a brainbreak and enjoy a couple of minutes of my creative endeavors :)


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