Skittles in Motion II

Updated January 30, 2013: I converted and uploaded my videos to Vimeo, so they no longer take forever to load [Hooray!]. The links below still work so, excuse the edits, and enjoy!


So here is my second stop-motion film featuring SkittlesIt takes an agonizing minute or 2 to load – so click here to view it, and either go get yourself a beverage, or read the description below while it’s loading :)  Oh and, don’t forget to turn your volume up!!

Skittle fish!This film took a while, and some trickery.  I had planned out this elaborate underwater scene, with skittle-fish, but I knew it would be a pain to move a group of skittles one-by-one.  So – for the large orange fish, I glued a bunch of skittles to a string, and that was the outline of my fish.  That way I was able to just pull the outline, and all the loose skittles inside would be dragged along.  But – the fish was still able to have the option of a mouth, depending on how I arranged the skittles by the ends of the string (which was the front of the fish).  The back fins are also 2 separate pieces of string with skittles glued to them. 

The background is a white trash back painted with acrylics.  Using a trash bag on carpet created occasional wrinkles which add to the underwater effect.  I compiled all of the images into Flash (which is why it takes so long to load) – but I like adding elements in Flash such as the waves, the worm & the music.  Speaking of which, I downloaded all of the music for free from  I’m considering purchasing the Stop Motion Pro software so the final products aren’t such a large file size. 

Alright – well, it should be done loading by now…enjoy!  :)


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