Skittles in Motion I

Updated January 30, 2013: I converted and uploaded my videos to Vimeo, so they no longer take forever to load [Hooray!]. The links below still work so, excuse the edits, and enjoy!


Amy's logoI cannot get enough of Stop-Motion films!  I have so many ideas of things I want to try (again, most involving candy or food). 

My most recent film is short and was originally going to be a pre-loader – but I like it as is, and felt that a stop-motion pre-loader before a stop-motion film might be a bit much.  So, here it is – again, it takes a little while to load, but patience is a virtue :)

Curious about how I do it??  I can’t leak my secrets!  Just kidding – okay, in this one I actually created the skittle-logo and took skittles away.  Then arranged the images backward so it looks like the skittles are appearing, not disappearing. 

These films take a lot of time and planning, but I really enjoy it.  Coming up next:  and underwater scene with Skittle-fish!  Stay tuned…


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