Heaven-sent sites

So – this post isn’t necessarily about things that I’ve created in my Sandbox – but more about sites I will be playing with there.  First I would like to draw everyone’s attention to: www.theoneminutemuse.com.  This website was created by a VERY talented woman named Donna.  We both studied Graphic Design together back at York College of PA.  I saw her this past weekend, and am SO glad that she passed this gem along to me.  It’s the perfect place to get motivated to act on every piece of creativity that flows through your brain.  I love the concepts, the videos, the music – but most of all, I love the inspiration it provides.  I really admire her concept for this site, and I hope that many people join so it becomes as successful as it should.

The next site I’d like to publicly fawn over is www.lynda.com.  I’ve become increasingly restless while unemployed…I feel like the whole working world is advancing, while I sit at home and look for a job.  I need to do what I can to make the most out of this downtime.  So – signed up to lynda.com to have unlimited access to their extensive library of training videos.  First thing I plan on learning?  Javascript!  Hopefully my next post will be about some fun trick I’ll have learned to code.


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